International Yoga Day 2022

Celebrate with us!

International Yoga Day has been celebrated around the world since 2015. Each year on the 21st of June, we come together to honor yoga as an invaluable gift from India's ancient tradition.

In the Western world, the focus tends to be placed on yoga 'asana', or the physical aspect of yoga. Western studios promote that yoga should keep us fit, flexible, and strong - but we feel that there's more to yoga than simply being a "workout."

What is asana without pranayama (breath)? How can we practice yoga in our daily lives off the mat, looking at how we treat ourselves and the people around us (the yamas & niyamas)? We withdraw our senses and turn inward (pratyahara), but when does concentration (dharana) turn into meditation (dhyana)? What actually is samadhi?

To celebrate International Yoga Day, we’ve filled our studios with unique events that celebrate the fullness of what yoga really is.

All of our classes will have a special focus on one of the eight limbs of yoga (of which yoga asana (postures) is only one).

We warmly invite you to join us on this special day - and please invite your friends with our special offer! All of our regular classes will be accessible for only 5 euros.

There will be drinks, bites, and time to connect with other yoga lovers after class. Let's honour and celebrate the gift of yoga together.

All day: 5 euro class card

On the 21st of June, you can book your classes with this special 5 euro class card. This card is valid for one class and can be purchased 1x per student.

16:00: Book Presentation by Judith Manshanden

16:00: Book Presentation by Judith Manshanden

On International Yoga Day, Judith Manshanden, the managing director of Delight, will present her new book ‘De Corporate Yogi” at our Prinseneiland location. Sign up here if you would like to join!

You can read more about her book on our blog here

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