Introduction to Ashtanga Mysore

with Ombretta Dettori

At Delight Yoga, we offer an Introduction to Ashtanga Mysore guided by expert teachers in Amsterdam. Mysore Style is the traditional way to learn the Ashtanga practice as taught by the Jois family, in Mysore India. In this style of practice, the class is not “led” as a whole but rather each student receives a personalised guidance from the teacher, so that the practice is learnt slowly and progressively, virtually one posture at a time, while committing the sequence to memory. Eventually each student will practice the Ashtanga sequence of postures to their own ability and at their own pace. The teacher assists each student individually by giving physical adjustments and verbal instructions.

This Introduction Special Class is specifically dedicated to new students, curious to find out more about this yoga method and willing to learn the beginning sequence of this traditional practice, slowly and at their own pace, following the rhythm of their own breath and possibly repeating it until it's committed to memory. There will be verbal guidance and instructions from the teacher, to make sure the foundation of the practice is understood, including detailed explanation of the basic elements of the Ashtanga Yoga practice (breath, bandhas, drishti, vinyasa). No previous experience is necessary,

Practical info

Language: English Type: 90 min classes Location: Delight Yoga Weteringschans Dates: Sunday 22 January Saturday 18 March Saturday 27 May Time: 9:30-11:00 Price: €20 Delight Single Class | Also available with an Introduction Card, Delight Class Card or Delight Membership. See all pricing. There are no OneFit & ClassPass spots available unfortunately.

Introduction to Ashtanga Mysore schedule

You can book a class 2 weeks in advance

Introduction to Ashtanga Mysore teacher

Practice Introduction to Ashtanga Mysore with highly experienced teachers

Introduction to Ashtanga Mysore studios

Practice Introduction to Ashtanga Mysore at one of the locations below

Weteringschans, Amsterdam

Weteringschans 53

1017 RW Amsterdam


About studio

This yoga studio is located on the South side of Amsterdam city centre and has a beautiful view of the Rijksmuseum. At this location, you can practice Vinyasa, Ashtanga Led, Hatha, Yin, Yin Yang, Yoga Nidra, Healing Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and Circular Breathing. The studio has two large yoga shalas. Please note that this is the only Delight Yoga studio without showers.

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