Introduction to Living Awake Online Program 2023

with Satya & Sahaj

Next year, Delight Yoga offers again the Living Awake Online Program guided by our senior teachers Satya & Sahaj. The Living Awake Program is a community building ground. The gatherings and workshops are a container of support for each other, a thread of Love to lightly hold onto. Living Awake will give us the ease we need to live our real potential as awakened human beings in the midst of everyday life.

Price: € 50

About the Workshop

Living Wisdom of Yoga and Tantra in 2023 - 2,5 hour workshop with Satya & Sahaj

In 2023, Satya & Sahaj will dedicate these gatherings and workshops to merging the living wisdom and sadhanas (spiritual practices) of Yoga & Tantra. The 2 wisdom rivers of Yoga and Tantra have only one goal: to bring us to the ocean of self-liberation. In their long years of guiding people, Satya & Sahaj have received many inquiries to help to clarify these streams where there is so much confusion and misunderstanding.

These ancient paths of Yoga & Tantra, which are sister traditions, are the most remarkable accomplishments of human genius and surely two of the most fascinating creations of spiritual aspiration. They are India’s mature answer to the universal question “Who am I?”—a question that, sooner or later, will dawn on any person looking into the mystery of life.

In this 2,5-hour online workshop, Satya & Sahaj will introduce us to the context and give us a taste of the practices that will be established during the year 2023.

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Practical information

Language: English Type: 2,5-hour workshop Teacher: Satya & Sahaj Location: Online through Zoom Date/Time: 10 december 10:30 - 13:00 Price: € 50

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