Membership Benefits

Commit to your practice

As a Member of Delight Yoga, you'll get best value for money with unlimited access to Delight Yoga classes in Amsterdam and Den Haag, free access to Delight Online, free access to our Delight Ayurveda programs & 10% discount in our Delight Shop.

Unlimited access to Delight Yoga Amsterdam & Den Haag

A Delight Membership gives you unlimited access to Delight Yoga led classes in all our locations in Amsterdam and Den Haag. If you choose for our Mysore Membership you will also get access to the Mysore Program.

Free access to Delight Online Livestreams and Library

Delight Members get free access to Delight Online livestreams, journeys and library (worth €240 per year). With our extensive on-demand library you can choose from 150+ online classes to practice wherever you want, whenever you need.

Free access to Delight Ayurveda programs

Delight Members can join all our Delight Ayurveda programs for free (worth €100,- per program). We designed 8-week programs to balance yourself through the wisdom of Yoga & Ayurveda. Coming up: 'Balance Your Vata' in Autumn, 'Balance Your Kapha' in Winter/Spring and 'Balance Your Pitta' in Summer. You'll receive an invitation through e-mail, once the registration for the program is open.

10% discount in our Delight Shop

Delight Members also get 10% discount in the little shop that you can find in our studios. This discount does not apply for food & beverage produts, giftcards and books.

Note: these benefits do not apply for Delight Online Members

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