Monthly Mantra Circle in Amsterdam

with Moena de Jong

Join these monthly Mantra circles to cultivate a happy mind and a holy heart!

In the ancient Yoga tradition, the wisdom of yoga was passed on by mantras. The word ‘Mantra’ literally means ‘to cross over the mind’. Chanting mantras takes us out of the head and into the heart.

Chanting is a pleasure that transcends the senses and takes us beyond the bounds of time and space - which is why we don’t have to understand the mantra for it to have an effect.

It soothes the soul in a most profound way. It soothes on a cellular level. It merges our finite identity with the infinite, and so dissolves us. It relieves us from the sights and sounds and stimulation of the material world and delivers us into a spiritual space.

Discover this spiritual space for yourself by joining our Mantra Circles - guided by Moena on Friday evenings at the Weteringschans

A real treat for body, mind, & soul.

Teacher: Moena de Jong
Location: Weteringschans, Amsterdam
Time: 19.00 - 20.15
25 March
8 April
20 Mei
10 Juni
9 September
21 October
25 November
16 December

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