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At Delight Yoga, you can choose from more than 250 classes a week, within a variety of yoga styles and for different levels of experience. Our suggestion is to use this introduction card to explore the different yoga styles, teachers and locations in order to find the right yoga class for you. Here are 5 tips to help you find the yoga class best suited to your needs.

1. Begin where you are

Delight Yoga offers Authentic Yoga for different levels of experience.
As you are relatively new to yoga, we recommend you to do the introduction to yoga program, a 2-hours introduction session and 3 yoga classes, the perfect way to begin a yoga practice. In the beginner classes, the teacher will give more detailed instructions for each pose, for a strong foundation of safe alignment. It is also possible for new to yoga students to take part in classes that are labelled at all levels. In these classes, teachers will offer modifications to accommodate all levels of experience. Experienced classes are best suited for advanced yoga students.

The Astanga Mysore Beginners class is at the level of self-practice. This is the traditional method for learning the Astanga Yoga Series. You will be carefully guided through the series, step by step and at your own pace. No experience or prior knowledge of the sequence is needed, all you need is a willingness to learn.

2. Explore different yoga styles

At Delight Yoga, we offer a lot of different styles of yoga. On our schedule, you find the styles: Hatha, Vinyasa, Astanga Led/Mysore, Yin, Yin-Yang, Pranayama, Satsang, Prenatal, Yoga Nidra, Restorative, Yoga basics and Meditation. On our classes overview page you can find more information per style. We also offer special classes and online classes.

3. Try out different teachers

Every yoga teacher has a different approach, so your experience can be radically different from one class to another - even in classes within the same yoga style. Some teachers focus more on the physical aspects of yoga, others on yogic philosophy and spirituality. Some give hands-on adjustments while others let you find your own way through the practice. We recommend trying out several teachers to find out who resonates with you.

4. Visit our five locations

At Delight Yoga, we have five studios: four in Amsterdam and one in Den Haag.
In all of our studios, you will find a peaceful and personal atmosphere. We recommend visiting all our studios to see which one resonates with you the most. You can also practice with us Online.

5. Get a personal intake

For those hoping for a personalized experience, Delight offers a personal guidance program.
Our Community Care Department is here for you. Together you can create an individual program based on your needs, preferences, level of experience, physical condition and state of mind. Whether you are a total beginner, new at our studio or looking for extra help to reach your goals or overcoming a particular life issue, we will help you find your way.

Introduction to Yoga Program

Introduction to Yoga Program

Our Introduction to Yoga Program is the perfect way to begin (or reawaken) your yoga practice! We offer you a 2-hour introduction session and 3 beginners classes (within 30 days of your intro) for only € 60.

Start your yoga journey online

Start your yoga journey online

Would you like to learn yoga online first? Try Delight online to experience a Delight Yoga class from the comfort of your own home.

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