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Anouk Neijsen

Astanga Led

Anouk Neijsen

Health food nutritionist

Special for the Delight Spring Detox we asked Anouk to be available for extra advice.

Do you have particular issues you want to work with during this detox process? Would you like to integrate additional cleansing practices (like enema’s) in your detox program?

Yes? Then Anouk can help you.

 About Anouk

From an early age Anouk has been very interested in healthy living and eating. When she started to develop a regular Astanga yoga practice her awareness of the influence of food on body and mind grew further. While doing her first teacher training in 2012 she learned more about different philosophies on food and this lead her to experiment with the effects different foods and diets have on her. In the same year she did her first detox during a yoga retreat in Thailand. This was a transformative experience – with impressing effects both body and mind. This made her want to learn more about detoxing. In 2015 she graduated in the ‘Detox coach’ course at the Sonnevelt institute.

Nowadays there are many different views on what constitutes a healthy diet. Especially after doing a detox many people want advise on how to continue eating while keeping the feeling of lightness and peace of mind that they experienced while detoxing. Apart from that Anouk wanted to be able to form her own opinion on all the different diets that are being advised. This lead her to do the ‘Health food nutritionist’ course at Civas.

The most important lesson I have learned is that food has a very strong influence on our health but also that every body is different. It is my passion to help you find out what your body needs to function at its best and make you feel happy and alive!”

Request a personal consultation Anouk via info@delightyoga.nl.

- 25 minutes for €25 
- 50 minutes for €50

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