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Garmt Wiersma

HathaVinyasaYin Yang

As a teenager, Garmt went to his first Yoga class and had a hard time understanding what he was doing there. At the meditation group that he joined his greatest interest was the time, the clock. "How to bare this for one full hour!” The spiritual lessons didn't fit at all to his adolescent lifestyle.


Only on his first travel to India in 1996 via Greece and Turkey, he met an older Astanga Yoga teacher who gave Yoga classes on the beach. From then on the travel destination became: Yoga. After multiple Vipassana Meditation retreats, teacher training courses in Astanga Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, and Anusara Yoga, practicing yoga and meditation became a beacon of peace and a feeling of coming home to life. “No matter how hectic life may be, Yoga helps to put things into perspective, resulting in confidence in a higher consciousness that we all share.”


Since 2012 Garmt has followed several teacher training courses and workshops with David Swenson, Nicole Decov, Rolf Naujokat, Anat Geiger and with Patrick Vermeulen en Gosta van Dam at Svaha Yoga. Garmt also followed the Anusara Immersion in 2013 with Jayendra Hanley.


"I like to share my enthusiasm in discovering the body and mind, creating space to be, the essence."

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