Leer de mensen achter Delight Yoga kennen

Malu de Valcke

Malu, who once moved to Amsterdam for a study in All Round Styling, in the end decided to step out of the world of styling (fashion), as life taught her the hard way, it was time to go more inwards, rather than being focused on the outside.


After a bumpy ride it was time for something new. And so the search had started, with complete openness and just one requirement (‘working with nice people in a loving environment’). And there it was: Delight Yoga. She only had little experience in the world of yoga, but whilst working for Delight, it seemed like her journey was on fast forward, and she took a deep dive, head first.


After being on the more online/marketing side of The House of Yoga and Delight, Malu is now super content in her role as Studio Manager of the Weteringschans, or ‘ons huisje’ as her host-team calls it. And that’s a good way to describe it. It brings along a feeling of coming home, to the space, to the hosts, the teachers, the students, and to herself.


Furthermore, and most of all, Malu is the utterly proud mommy of Phoebe. Life doesn’t get any better for her, with a daughter like Phoebs, and a boyfriend like Paul. All the clichés, allll the clichés.               


Malu sees life, in it’s full intensity, as her teacher. In which she gained quite some certificates so far;) ‘Ain’t no stoppin’ her now!’

Yoga is voor iedereen

Delight Introductie kaart

10 yoga lessen voor maar €60

Slechts 6 euro per les
De perfecte manier om jouw stijl te vinden
Een fijne manier om te wennen en yoga te leren kennen


Alle workshops

Introduction to Yoga Program

Met Daphne Luttger

28 September 2019

New to Yoga?  This Introduction to Yoga Program is the perfect way to begin (or reawaken) your yoga practice! We offer you a 2-hours’ introduction session and 5 beginners’ classes (within 30 days of your intro) for only 60 euro.


€ 60

Ayurvedische Voedingscursus I

Met Liese van Dam

Begint op 20 September 2019

Deze Ayurvedische voedingscursus is voor diegenen die willen weten wat Ayurvedische voeding voor hen kan betekenen in het moderne westerse leven. De cursus duikt in de basis van de klassieke Ayurvedische voeding en vertaalt oude kennis naar wat er hedendaags nodig is.


€ 990 € 891

Astanga Sadhana: A Practitioners' Program

Met Claudia Pradella & Eva Ugolini

Begint op 21 September 2019

A practitioners’ program Exploring the depths of your yoga practice, according to the eight limbs of Astanga Yoga. This year long program is for the dedicated Astanga Yoga practitioners, already familiar with the traditional mysore-style of self practice and ready to expand the context of their yoga sadhana – spiritual practice.


€ 1.995