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Ombretta Dettori

Ayurveda,  Astanga Mysore (Beginners)

Ombretta encounters Yoga in 2012, shortly after moving to Amsterdam: reluctant at first she comes out of the class feeling slightly high and willing to try again but is only after her first Ashtanga class that she is hooked. Ashtanga and Yin are her “playground” during the first years: she experiences the gift of her body and realizes how disconnected and out of balance she is.  With a background in Psychology and Organization she is always been passionate about personal development, group dynamics and transitions as opportunity to enact transformation. She realizes, after 7 years working in a corporate environment, that as somebody once said, she was “searching in a dark room for a black cat, that wasn’t even there”.

Amsterdam represents a fresh start: she immerses herself right away into a 3-year diploma at the Academy of Ayurvedic Studies: she is happy to be part of the Delight Ayurvedic Academy team and to be supporting the students journey. In 2015 she enters the Mysore room at Delight De Clerqstraat for the first time and there is no coming back: she senses something is in there for her in that moisty room full of bodies breathing with sound and moving at their own pace but yet together as one. Since the very beginning she feels strong the call to visit Mysore where she commits to return yearly to practice under the guidance of R. Saraswathi Jois and R.Sharath Jois. The time she devotes studying with several teachers grows until she moves to India in 2017-2018: under the guidance of her mentors she starts experiencing Ayurveda as transformational and healing power. The inspiring teachings of Coen van der Kroen, dr. Vijith Sasidhar & dr. Vidya Vijith, Atreya Smith, dr. Shailesh Muli and dr. Amruta Athale set the example and the wish to be in service and share Ayurveda with others and to combine it with yoga becomes clear. Studying with A.G Mohan and Indra Mohan in 2015, ignites her  interest in the therapeutic aspects of yoga so she starts her 800 hour training at The Yoga Therapy Institute: this contributes in creating a personal view on the yoga practice that she finds deeply resonating with the teachings of the Ashtanga Yoga teacher Eddie Stern that is a great source of inspiration for her. In 2016 she meets certified Ashtanga teacher Luke Jordan: after two months under his guidance she is deeply touched by his honest way to share the practice in his complexity and simplicity at once and she knows she found her teacher. She considers his teachings as those that influences her the most and that awakened a process of inner search that brings her to explore different practices of self-inquiry. In 2018 she completes her 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training with Gregor Maehle and Monica Gauci: a profound experience that leads her to wanting to share this practice and learn by assisting her teachers in the mysore room. Back to Amsterdam she resumes her practice with Claudia Pradella and Eva Ugolini, two women she loves dearly for their dedication to the practice and the students. 

Ombretta offers different healing treatments and ayurvedic massages and consultations: she supports an athmosphere of open sharing and deep listening and often brings in her experience as Birth and Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula when working with pregnant or postpartum women. Teaching yoga and being in the Mysore room is a way to share her immense love for a practice that unfolds in a safe, respectful and connected space and that brought up a level of intimacy with herself that has been life changing.


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Met Satya Katiza & Kevin Sahaj

03 September 2020

The best way to learn is to experience. Delight Yoga Teacher Trainings provide a solid foundation for those who are seeking to explore the true gifts of yoga and share it with others.    Meet our primary teachers Katiza Satya and Kevin Sahaj and practice under their guidance. 


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