Yoga leraren

Ontmoet de leraren, hun achtergrond, motivatie en ervaring

Delight Yoga Staff - Adela Serrano

Adela Serrano

HathaVinyasaYoga Basics

Als voormalig econoom en bankdirecteur ontdekte Adela de kracht van yoga in 2006 toen ze in New York woonde. Ze behaalde de 500 hrs RYT certificatie bij Yoga Alliance via het Yoga Works Teacher Training programma in New York.

Delight Yoga Staff - Afke Reijenga

Afke Reijenga

VinyasaYinYin Yang

Today, I give away smiles all day!   Afke used to live a rock 'n roll life style, working in art, tv, and film, surrounded by a world that felt increasingly artificial. Her longing for real authenticity grew stronger and stronger.

Delight Yoga Staff - Agnes Vissering

Agnes Vissering

Astanga LedAstanga MysoreHathaVinyasa,  Restorative

Agnes ontdekte yoga op Bali in 2000. Al reizend door India en Scandinavië werd yoga haar levenspad. Ze is vaak teruggegaan naar India om haar practice te verdiepen en uiteindelijk om les te gaan geven.

Delight Yoga Staff - Alejandra Kemna

Alejandra Kemna

HathaVinyasaYoga Basics

Alejandra sees yoga as a tool for life. To stay in balance, as a mom with two kids, yoga connects her to her inner strength and spirit. She is both Chilean and Dutch and has been teaching yoga for over 10 years. She has studied with David Swensson and completed the Sva Dharma Teacher Training with Katiza Satya and Kevin Sahaj. She is deeply inspired by Ayurveda and is studying advanced studies of Ayurveda with Victoria Hyndman. She is grateful for her teachers who have given her the chance to deepen the practice, not only on the mat but also in daily life. Alejandra’s classes are from the heart, playful, fun, calming and strengthening. It gives you the chance to feel deeply connected to your inner being.

Delight Yoga Staff - Amanda Dries

Amanda Dries


Amanda komt uit Wales, GB. Ze heeft jaren in sales gewerkt, en daarna als purser in de luchtvaart, waardoor ze verschillende culturen heeft leren kennen. Met haar Nederlandse echtgenoot verhuisde ze naar hier en kreeg drie kinderen.

Delight Yoga Staff - Amanda Márquez

Amanda Márquez

Astanga LedAstanga MysoreAstanga Mysore Beginners

Amanda was born and raised in Caracas (Venezuela) and moved to Italy in 2007 to continue and finish her architecture studies. This is how she first encountered Astanga Yoga, as a young and busy student. The practice has kept her company ever since. Her first guide was Elena de Martin and her Yoga Shala, where she practiced throughout her long-6 year-stay in Milan.

Delight Yoga Staff - Amélie Duvernay

Amélie Duvernay

Astanga Led

Amélie is born in France and originally comes from Burgundy. In 2008 her interest in Yoga starts in Paris, where she practices Hatha and Bikram Yoga until she discovers Astanga Yoga. In 2009, she starts a 200-hour Teacher training at Astanga Yoga Paris with Linda Munro and Gerald Disse, and follows them to Auroville, India, for workshops with them and with Monica Marinoni. 

Delight Yoga Staff - Anna Scott Miller

Anna Scott Miller

Astanga LedHathaVinyasaYoga Basics

More info coming soon...

Delight Yoga Staff - Anne Hermans

Anne Hermans

HathaYinPrenatal Yoga

Without being consciously aware of it at the time, Anne’s Yoga journey started with her parents. Her first meditation practice was in front of a teddy bear altar when she was 8 years old. After a little detour in the Amsterdam fashion world, she ended up on her Yoga path.

Delight Yoga Staff - Anouk Neijsen

Anouk Neijsen

Astanga Led

Anouk Neijsen Health food nutritionist Special for the Delight Spring Detox we asked Anouk to be available for extra advice. Do you have particular issues you want to work with during this detox process? Would you like to integrate additional cleansing practices (like enema’s) in your detox program? Yes? Then Anouk can help you.    About Anouk From an early age Anouk has been very interested in healthy living and eating. When she started to develop a regular Astanga yoga practice her awareness of the influence of food on body and mind grew further. While doing her first teacher training in 2012 she learned more about different philosophies on food and this lead her to experiment with the effects different foods and diets have on her. In the same year she did her first detox during a yoga retreat in Thailand. This was a transformative experience – with impressing effects both body and mind. This made her want to learn more about detoxing. In 2015 she graduated in the ‘Detox coach’ course at the Sonnevelt institute. Nowadays there are many different views on what constitutes a healthy diet. Especially after doing a detox many people want advise on how to continue eating while keeping the feeling of lightness and peace of mind that they experienced while detoxing. Apart from that Anouk wanted to be able to form her own opinion on all the different diets that are being advised. This lead her to do the ‘Health food nutritionist’ course at Civas.   “The most important lesson I have learned is that food has a very strong influence on our health but also that every body is different. It is my passion to help you find out what your body needs to function at its best and make you feel happy and alive!”   Request a personal consultation Anouk via - 25 minutes for €25  - 50 minutes for €50

Delight Yoga Staff - Asha Hossain

Asha Hossain

HathaVinyasaYinYoga Basics

Na jarenlang in retail en recruitment te hebben gewerkt kwam Asha door yoga in contact met zichzelf. Het beoefenen van yoga heeft een bewustzijn gecreëerd dat ze kan toepassen in haar hele leven.

Delight Yoga Staff - Beatrice Savaris

Beatrice Savaris

VinyasaPrenatal Yoga

Born in Germany but raised in Italy, Beatrice comes from a design and communication background; creativity and curiosity have always been her life motives. She met yoga in a period of massive changes, finding herself again as she grounded into the yoga mat.

Delight Yoga Staff - Bente Groenendaal

Bente Groenendaal


As a student of life, guided by the method of Yoga, Bente aims to shed light on peoples unique paths by sharing her understanding and practice of movement, connection, bodymind-breath awareness and being (human). 

Delight Yoga Staff - Berry Lusink

Berry Lusink

Astanga LedHathaVinyasa

‘It feels like magic what a yoga session can do for you‘. Berry beoefent yoga sinds 2001. De kunst van het leven met yoga heeft haar steeds meer verdieping gebracht.

Delight Yoga Staff - Carmen Guda

Carmen Guda

VinyasaYinYin Yang

Carmen was born in The Netherlands in a multicultural family. Due to her upbringing and nomadic life from a young age, she understands like no other what it means to have an open mind, be empathetic and understanding of people regardless of age, nationality or gender.

Delight Yoga Staff - Chantal Soeters

Chantal Soeters

HathaVinyasaYoga Basics

"Our true home is in the present moment. To live in the present moment is a miracle." – Thich Nhat Hanh. Chantal Soeters is een Anusara-inspired yoga docente uit Amsterdam.

Delight Yoga Staff - Charlotte Simons

Charlotte Simons

VinyasaYinYin Yang

Charlotte kwam op een reis door Zuid Amerika in 2008 voor het eerst in aanraking met het boeddhisme en niet veel later met yoga. Sindsdien is ze toegewijd blijven oefenen omdat ze merkt hoeveel goeds yoga met haar doet.

Delight Yoga Staff - Charlotte van Leeuwen

Charlotte van Leeuwen

Astanga Led

During her bachelor studies in Physics and Astronomy, Charlotte decided to stop studying and start her own business. So in 2011 she left the regular-paved-out-path (that until then seemed very logical to her) of earning a degree and getting a normal job.

Delight Yoga Staff - Chiara Vegt

Chiara Vegt


Whilst yoga was all around when Chiara was younger, her mum teached and practiced yoga, she wasn’t attracted to it at all. She thought of it like kind of Goofy, while at the same time she loved to turn the pages of her mums’ yoga books and just stare at the exotic postures and people.

Delight Yoga Staff - Chrisey den Ouden

Chrisey den Ouden


Chrisey has always been looking for the essence of things. First she tried to understand people and their behaviour better by studying Acting and Theatre. It was observing in a playful way. In 2009 she visited India for the first time and felt connected to this country instantly.

Delight Yoga Staff - Claudia Pradella

Claudia Pradella

Astanga Mysore

Claudia’s affiniteit met en belangstelling voor Oosterse filosofie, versterkt door verschillende reizen door Azie, hebben geleid tot een diepe verbinding met de Yoga traditie.

Delight Yoga Staff - Claudia Kratzheller

Claudia Kratzheller

HathaVinyasaYin Yang,  Restorative

Dancing. Breathing. Yoga. Being. That's her life in four words. :) She helps people discover new insights about their bodies, so they can embrace their spiritual and energetic state wholeheartedly.

Delight Yoga Staff - Dana Marshall

Dana Marshall

YinMeditatie,  Mindfulness

Dana Marshall geeft onderricht in mindfulness en yin yoga. Dana staat bekend om haar inspirerende, oprechte manier van onderwijzen en past het toe in het dagelijks leven.

Delight Yoga Staff - Daniel Maciejewski

Daniel Maciejewski


Joy and lightness are the driving forces behind Daniels yoga practice. His vinyasa classes include elements from various practices. Tibetan joint loosening warmups, an astanga inspired flow and mindful observation of stillness and movement; Together with the use of sound in the form of your own voice reciting mantras, music he creates or songs he selects, Daniel invites you to an inward journey beyond the stories of the mind.

Delight Yoga Staff - Daniela Agius

Daniela Agius

Astanga LedVinyasa

Daniela was introduced to yoga and joined her first class primarily out of curiosity back in 2006 while studying for a Masters Degree in Sweden. Little did she know then, how much she would grow to enjoy such practice.

Delight Yoga Staff - Daphne Luttger

Daphne Luttger

Astanga LedYin

Daphnes zoektocht in de buitenwereld heeft haar bij haar binnenwereld gebracht. In 2008 besloot zij de Astanga Yoga Teacher Training te gaan volgen bij Johan Noorloos en Marcel de Vis Heil.

Delight Yoga Staff - Daria Mnych

Daria Mnych

Astanga LedMeditatie

Since a young age, Daria has always been fascinated by spirituality and the cultural condition. Beyond asana, Yoga is a way of life that enables Daria to continue to reflect, to feel and be present – on and off the mat.

Delight Yoga Staff - Debbie van Leeuwen

Debbie van Leeuwen

VinyasaYinYoga Basics

Debbie found yoga in Seattle, searching for something to heal her body and spirit. She fell in love with Vinyasa as it reminded her of dancing and instilled a sense of landing in her body straight away.

Delight Yoga Staff - Dennis Laubenthal

Dennis Laubenthal


Dennis was born in Koblenz, Germany and started out as an actor for theatre and TV. To find some balance in his busy lifestyle he took his first Yoga class in a gym. He did not yet have any idea about the impact of this first encounter, but from then on, he started to enter the world of yoga.

Delight Yoga Staff - Dylan Hendrix

Dylan Hendrix

Astanga Led

Dylan is al vanaf jonge leeftijd gefascineerd door grote levensvragen, die hem op een ontdekkeingsreis van verdieping van zijn begrip van menselijk gedrag hebben geleid. Daarnaast is hij altijd bezig geweest spiritualiteit te onderzoeken door spirituele teksten te bestuderen en begeleiding te zoeken bij verschillende leraren. 

Delight Yoga Staff - Ellen Paalman

Ellen Paalman

Astanga LedVinyasa

Ellen Paalman is a Astanga en Vinyasa yoga teacher and dedicated yogi with a deep interest in yoga postures and their mechanics. As a child and teenager she was fascinated by dance, but finding yoga felt like coming home. She felt she was finally allowed to look within, instead of focussing on picture perfect.

Delight Yoga Staff - Emma Brasser

Emma Brasser

HathaYinPrenatal Yoga

Emma’s exploration along the path of self-enquiry started with a journey around the globe in 2011. These travels also guided her to India, a place that became a second home over the years and helped her find a deeper, more meaningful yoga practise that focussed less on just the physical part of yoga.

Delight Yoga Staff - Ergün Polat

Ergün Polat

Yin,  Mindfulness

Ergün heeft altijd een voorliefde gehad voor sport en beweging. Hij heeft jarenlang gevoetbald en vele uren doorgebracht in de sportschool. In zijn zoektocht naar meer inhoud begon hij later met de beoefening van een vechtsport (Wing Chun Kung Fu), wat hem de gelegenheid gaf om training van lichaam en geest te combineren met de principes van de Oosterse filosofie. Hoewel dit zeker een bijdrage heeft geleverd aan zijn zelfontplooiing verlangde Ergün naar nog meer diepgang. In 2012 deed hij spontaan mee met een yogales die zijn leven veranderde. Na verschillende yogastijlen te hebben uitgeprobeerd bij Delight Yoga, begon Ergün zich toe te leggen op Astanga Yoga en Yin Yoga. Hij vindt beide stijlen elkaar goed aanvullen en zeer nuttig als hulpmiddel voor zelfontplooiing. Ergün heeft een Yin Yoga lerarenopleiding bij Yoga Garden Amsterdam afgerond onder leiding van Anat Geiger en Marcel van de Vis. Tevens volgde hij de Delight Yoga Pre-Teacher Training onder leiding van Govinda Kai en Claudia Pradella. De beoefening van yoga blijft Ergün inzichten geven die toegepast kunnen worden in het dagelijks leven. Ergün blijft zichzelf verdiepen in yoga door middel van zijn eigen dagelijkse practice, yogaliteratuur en trainingen en workshops in binnen- en buitenland. Tijdens een Yin Yoga-les van Ergün zul je door verschillende houdingen worden begeleid, waarbij je enkele minuten in een houding blijft om de diepere lagen van je lichaam te stimuleren. Dit geeft je de mogelijkheid om te onthaasten, te ontspannen en je geest tot rust te brengen.

Delight Yoga Staff - Eric Weber

Eric Weber

Vinyasa,  Restorative

​In 1996 ging Eric Weber vanuit zijn persoonlijke interesse en nieuwsgierigheid op onderzoek uit in de wereld van Iyengar yoga. Hij verdiepte zich in de yogafilosofie en concentreerde zich op de alignment van de asana’s. Zijn onderzoek naar yoga begon als een passie en heeft hem tot de dag van vandaag niet meer losgelaten.

Delight Yoga Staff - Erica Jago

Erica Jago

HathaVinyasaMeditatiePranayamaRestorative Yoga

Combining storytelling, emotionally connected classes, visionary art and framed nature, her way of teaching inspires inner knowing, interconnectedness and spiritual care.

Delight Yoga Staff - Eva Ugolini

Eva Ugolini

Astanga LedAstanga Mysore

Eva’s passie voor Yoga en Ayurveda begon toen ze zo’n 12 jaar geleden een cursus Ayurveda-Yoga massage volgde in Rome, haar geboortestad.

Delight Yoga Staff - Fleur Van Zonneveld

Fleur Van Zonneveld


Op de dansacademie kwam Fleur voor het eerst in aanraking met yoga. Na een aantal jaren gedanst te hebben, is yoga en dans voor haar de perfecte combinatie.

Delight Yoga Staff - Francesca Gobeille

Francesca Gobeille

YinMeditatie,  Restorative,  Mindfulness

Francesca Gobeille is al sinds haar geboorte omgeven door Oosterse filosofie en spiritualiteit. Haar vader was in de jaren 1980 yoga- en meditatie leraar en ook haar moeder beoefent yoga.

Delight Yoga Staff - Froukje den Nijs

Froukje den Nijs


More info coming soon...

Delight Yoga Staff - Garmt Wiersma

Garmt Wiersma

HathaVinyasaYin Yang

As a teenager, Garmt went to his first Yoga class and had a hard time understanding what he was doing there. At the meditation group that he joined his greatest interest was the time, the clock. "How to bare this for one full hour!” The spiritual lessons didn't fit at all to his adolescent lifestyle.

Delight Yoga Staff - Hanna Paz

Hanna Paz

VinyasaYinMeditatieYin Yang

Hanna begon met yoga tijdens haar professionele dansopleiding. Al gauw ontdekte zij de positieve effecten van yoga, zowel fysiek als mentaal en zij incorporeerde yoga.

Delight Yoga Staff - Hedi de Vree

Hedi de Vree

HathaYinMeditatieYin Yang

Hedi de Vree (1976, Noorwegen) kan zich levendig herinneren hoe ze zich als kind verbaasde wanneer haar vriendinnen de radslag deden of erger: een spagaat! Ze begreep niet dat haar eigen lichaam niet tot dit soort bewegingen in staat leek.

Delight Yoga Staff - Inge Peters

Inge Peters

VinyasaYinYin Yang

Inge Peters started practicing meditation in her early twenties. While being a filmstudent, she was looking for more peace of mind and for ‘Truth’, which led her to meditation. She studied at Brahma Kumaris, Rigpa (Sogyal Rinpoche) and practiced Vipassana meditation.

Delight Yoga Staff - Ingrid Notten

Ingrid Notten

Astanga LedAstanga Mysore

Sinds 2001 heeft Ingrid zich actief bezig gehouden met diverse vormen van bewustzijnsgroei en lichaamswerk. Na trainingen op het gebied van deep tissue massage, ontspanningsmassage en ayurvedische massage ontwikkelde zij een speciale interesse in de oosterse massagetherapieën.

Delight Yoga Staff - Ira Hardjosusono

Ira Hardjosusono


Door de verdieping in Yoga die Ira heeft ondergaan in de laatste jaren worden haar lessen, workshops en privé lessen als zeer zorgvuldig en direct ervaren. Diep bewegend vanuit de energie die er op dat moment is, bewegend vanuit de adem.

Delight Yoga Staff - Irene Sportel

Irene Sportel

VinyasaYinYin Yang

Irene's yoga classes are a fusion of her passions: Yin and/or Vinyasa Yoga, healing and live music. Everything Irene shares comes straight from her heart and is there to help you drop down from the mind into the heart. To remember your true nature. To embrace yourself as you are and as you feel. Her classes are taught in a safe, simple and clear way, so you can completely focus on your inner experience. And when you lay yourself down for Savasana, Irene shares some live mantra music!

Delight Yoga Staff - Irene Lomer

Irene Lomer

Astanga LedVinyasa

Irene grew up in England and moved to the Netherlands in 2010. From a young age she was introduced to eastern health and movement practices by her parents and since her early 20's yoga has been her biggest passion. After completing her first teacher training at Yogasite with Robert Boustany in 2015, Irene began teaching.

Delight Yoga Staff - Irina van der Sluijs

Irina van der Sluijs

Astanga LedAstanga MysoreYin,  Mindfulness

In het verkennen van bewustzijn ligt Irina’s passie. Als kind zocht zij de stilte op in de kerk van haar ouderlijk dorp en voelde zij zich thuis in de omringende natuur en dierenwereld. Later beleefde zij in dans de vrijheid en oneindige ruimte die ons ter beschikking staan.

Delight Yoga Staff - Janneke Krijgsman

Janneke Krijgsman

HathaVinyasa,  Mindfulness

Janneke believes that the outer world is seen through the eyes of the inner world. Yoga and meditation are her favorite ways to connect to that inner world. Sometimes through a powerful flow that fires your body up, sometimes by being still and simply listening to what your body has to say. Always with awareness of the breath. 

Delight Yoga Staff - Jen Orlando

Jen Orlando

VinyasaYin,  Restorative

Jen Orlando moved to Den Haag in 2017 from New York, where she spent the last 9 years learning yoga and using it as a tool for thriving in a fast-paced world. What started off as a physical practice evolved into a practice of self-transformation and self-regulation.

Delight Yoga Staff - Jenny Schoenmann

Jenny Schoenmann

Astanga LedVinyasa

Jenny Schoenmann, geboren in Duitsland, is Yoga Alliance certified Yoga teacher, en geeft les in Astanga en Vinyasa. Omdat haar moeder een toegewijde yoga teacher was, kwam ze al jong in aanraking met yoga.

Delight Yoga Staff - Joe Dwyer

Joe Dwyer


Drawing from many years of practice and teaching, Joe Dwyer is a Yoga teacher offering lots of Yoga styles that cater to all sorts of practitioners. Joe was born in New York City in 1986 and spent his childhood travelling the world.

Delight Yoga Staff - Johanna Eliasson

Johanna Eliasson

Astanga LedVinyasaYin

Johanna was born on a cloudy and cold May day in the year of the Ox in Örebro, Sweden. Already in early teenage years, she was interested in Eastern philosophies, continuously searching for the answers to questions that could not be answered by Google. It was in 2006 when she took her first yoga class that things started to fall into place. The body felt like jello, the heart was light as a feather and the mind was still.

Delight Yoga Staff - Jolijn Bruijnaers

Jolijn Bruijnaers


Yoga came to Jolijn 10 years ago. She found peace and her true self by practicing asanas and pranayama. She went to India to study as a yoga teacher and there she was also charmed by the beauty of Ayurveda. She then decided to undertake the path to become an Ayurvedic massage therapist and practitioner.

Delight Yoga Staff - Jonas Nathan

Jonas Nathan


After a turbulent life Jonas felt stuck in the moment. There was no where to go but to surrender and to go inwards. Connecting more and more to a spiritual practice with different kinds of yoga he eventually fell in love with yin yoga. This was coming home for him. Following his heart he signed up for a teacher training with José de Groot.

Delight Yoga Staff - Josta van der Kolk

Josta van der Kolk

Astanga Led

As an interim manager and coach, Josta has helped many people and organisations through change and transition. She started practising yoga more than ten years ago and immediately felt a connection between her personal development and the yoga practice, and she now helps others with that same connection.

Delight Yoga Staff - Judith van der Klink

Judith van der Klink

HathaVinyasaPrenatal Yoga,  Restorative

Judith has been teaching movement and dance for more then twenty years. She initially trained as a contemporary dancer at London Contemporary dance school, later as a teacher and choreographer at Codarts in Rotterdam.

Delight Yoga Staff - Julia Blohberger

Julia Blohberger

Astanga LedYin

Het verlangen om mensen te helpen en te inspireren om in contact te komen met zichzelf heeft haar aanzet gegeven om een Yoga Teacher en Mindfulness coach te worden. Ze is een trouwe yogi, zowel op de mat als in haar dagelijks leven.

Delight Yoga Staff - Jurre Twijnstra

Jurre Twijnstra

Astanga LedAstanga MysoreYoga Basics

Adem is magisch voor Jurre. “De adem brengt me naar plaatsen in het lichaam die aanvoelen als binnen in de ruimte”. Zijn astanga lessen zijn gefocust op bewegen op het ritme van de adem, één worden met de adem en die gebruiken om rust en ruimte te vinden.

Delight Yoga Staff - Juul Hagemeijer

Juul Hagemeijer

Astanga LedVinyasa

When Juul Hagemeijer was just a baby, the pulsation of music already made her body move, since then she has been fascinated and inspired by the human body in all its aspects, which eventually led to a bachelor in theater dance.

Delight Yoga Staff - Kamini Stam

Kamini Stam

Prenatal Yoga

Kamini has always had a passion for movement. As a kid she was always outside, exploring her boundaries; climbing, dancing, moving!

Delight Yoga Staff - Kasia Pokrop

Kasia Pokrop

Prenatal Yoga

Born in Warsaw, Poland in 1983 Born and raised in Poland, Kasia left her home country at the age of 22. Starting her journey in Ireland, she continued to Belgium, Amsterdam, Singapore, and back to Amsterdam, where she found her new home. It was also here in Amsterdam where her yoga journey began.

Delight Yoga Staff - Kathrin Bindig

Kathrin Bindig

Astanga Led

Kathrin started her Yoga Journey in 2010 when she embarked on a Study in Daoism with the focus on Daoyin and Taiji.    Originally from Germany, Kathrin left her Country when she was 19 years old.

Delight Yoga Staff - Katiza Satya

Katiza Satya

Astanga LedHathaVinyasaMeditatie,  Healing Yoga,  Restorative,  Satsang

Katiza Satya is yogini met hart en ziel. Katiza is een zeer ervaren Registered Yoga Teacher bij de Yoga Alliance (ERYT500-RYT 500) en is bevoegd om leraren op te leiden op de 200- en 500-uur niveau’s.

Delight Yoga Staff - Katka Jacz

Katka Jacz

VinyasaYinYin Yang

Katka discovered yoga quite unexpectedly. While taking time off and traveling after her studies she found herself on a Caribbean beach in an impromptu yoga class, and immediately knew that something had shifted in her life forever. 

Delight Yoga Staff - Katrin Kögel

Katrin Kögel


Katrin verhuisde in het begin van deze eeuw voor de liefde en de muziek uit Duitsland naar Amsterdam, daar volgde zij voor het eerst een yogales – een ontdekking die haar leven sindsdien steeds rijker en mooier heeft gemaakt.

Delight Yoga Staff - Kelsey Beth Paul

Kelsey Beth Paul

HathaVinyasaYin Yang

Kelsey Beth believes that there exists magic in the connection of one's heart, mind, and body. Practicing Yoga and Mindfulness is her favourite way to feel connected - both to her own inner world, to the external world, and all beings on our Planet.

Delight Yoga Staff - Khadija Maros

Khadija Maros

Yoga Nidra

She was born in Morocco and this country awakened a deep connection with nature within her from a young age. This stimulated her curiosity in the seasons and the food that nature brings with it.

Delight Yoga Staff - Lauranza Harvey

Lauranza Harvey

Prenatal Yoga

Lauranza started practicing yoga whilst at university studying for a Fine Art degree over 15 years ago.  After her studies came to an end she travelled from India to South East Asia and deepened her yoga practice and knowledge along the way.

Delight Yoga Staff - Lidewij Severins

Lidewij Severins

Astanga LedAstanga MysoreYin

Lidewij kan zich geen leven zonder yoga meer voorstellen. Al op jonge leeftijd maakte ze kennis met yoga en na verschillende reizen naar onder andere India, Thailand en Bali besloot zij haar hart te volgen en zich helemaal op yoga te richten.

Delight Yoga Staff - Liisa Russmann

Liisa Russmann

VinyasaYinYin Yang

Liisa’s yoga reis begon in 2005 in Londen, waar ze in een traditionele Hatha les de harmoniserende uitwerking van yoga op lichaam en geest ontdekte.

Delight Yoga Staff - Lilian Kai

Lilian Kai

Astanga LedAstanga Mysore

More info coming soon...

Delight Yoga Staff - Lindsay Stellaard

Lindsay Stellaard

Astanga LedPrenatal YogaAstanga Mysore Beginners

Tijdens haar opleiding aan de Hoge Hotelschool ontdekte Lindsay haar liefde voor gastvrijheid. Als salesmanager en evenementen organisator ging ze een intensieve periode door, maar bleef in balans door yoga. Door een aantal reizen naar Azië kreeg yoga meer en meer betekenis in haar leven en leek werken bij Delight Yoga een logische volgende stap.

Delight Yoga Staff - Lisa Weijburg

Lisa Weijburg

Astanga LedHathaYoga Basics

From the moment Lisa was introduced to yoga she knew the yoga philosophy suited her. Having tried different yoga styles she has found that her heart is in Astanga Yoga, which she has been practicing intensively since 2011.

Delight Yoga Staff - Lisanne Lambert-Stoop

Lisanne Lambert-Stoop

VinyasaPrenatal Yoga

Lisanne’s passie voor yoga begon in een hete Bikram yoga studio in Amsterdam in 2008. De intense lessen waren in eerste instantie een manier om stoom af te blazen van haar stressvolle leven als mode ontwerpster. Al gauw bracht het haar ook spirituele ervaringen die langzaam uitvloeiden in haar leven ‘off the mat’. In 2012 verhuisde ze met haar man naar Azie en ontdekte daar vele andere vormen van yoga waardoor haar liefde voor de ‘practice’ steeds sterker groeide. Ze volbracht haar eerste YTT in 2013 met Yandara in Bali, onder leiding van Christopher Perkins. Toen ze zwanger raakte besloot ze haar yoga studie te verdiepen en volgde een zeer uitgebreide Prenatale Vinyasa YTT in Bali in 2014 met Jennifer More. Lisanne ziet lesgeven vooral als het doorgeven en delen van wat haar is geleerd en wat ze zelf ervaard in haar eigen leven, zowel op als naast de mat. Haar lessen zijn open, eerlijk, sensitief en aanmoedigend. Soms uitdagend, nooit té serieus. Het is haar doel om mensen te helpen de schoonheid te ontdekken van de adem en de beweging, om te helpen energie te brengen tot in de kleine teen, nog even iets verder te reiken en dan uit te dagen om daar zachtheid te vinden. Nu ze weer terug is in Amsterdam is ze enthousiast het yoga landschap van haar geboortestad aan het her-ontdekken; terwijl ze tevens in verwachting is van haar tweede kindje. 

Delight Yoga Staff - Lonneke Lamers

Lonneke Lamers

HathaYinYoga BasicsMeditatieYin Yang,  Restorative,  Mindfulness

Na jaren yoga beoefend te hebben naast een drukke kantoorbaan, werd Lonneke nieuwsgierig naar meer. Een aantal dingen kwamen samen die haar bij yoga filosofie, mindfulness en Chinese geneeskunde brachten. Dit was een persoonlijk helingsproces.

Delight Yoga Staff - Lotte Ritzer

Lotte Ritzer

VinyasaYinYoga BasicsYin Yang

Al zolang Lotte zich kan herinneren is ze geïnteresseerd in de werking van het lichaam, emoties en gedachten. Dus toen ze met yoga in aanraking kwam tijdens een van haar reizen door Azië, en de diepe helende werking ervan ontdekte, realiseerde ze meteen haar onschatbare betekenis.

Delight Yoga Staff - Luca Bellucci

Luca Bellucci


Luca, born and raised in Florence, Italy, is a passionate teacher that explores practising through a dynamic vision of the traditional Astanga Vinyasa Yoga method. Trained in Florence by Larry Schultz Rocket movement “It’s Yoga”, he became certified Astanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher in 2015 and, following the path of Larry Schultz method, became a certified Rocket teacher in 2016.

Delight Yoga Staff - Lydia Aytogmus

Lydia Aytogmus

Astanga LedVinyasa,  Mantra Meditation

“Yoga is the state where you are missing nothing.” Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati Since her very first class, Lydia Aytogmus has been mesmerized by the transformative power and therapeutic impact of yoga; that by means of breath and movement on the mat, we can explore the interconnectedness of all off the mat.

Delight Yoga Staff - Maggie Bijl

Maggie Bijl

VinyasaPrenatal Yoga

Maggie Bijl was born on Earth Day (April 22nd 1980) in the midwestern United States. She is a true Taurus: reliable, practical, ambitious and fiercely loyal. 

Delight Yoga Staff - Marieke Hauenstein

Marieke Hauenstein

Astanga Led

From an early age Marieke enjoyed physical activities as a way to express herself, playing outside and practicing handstands in the grass being her favourite pastime. Out of curiosity, she started taking Iyengar Yoga classes in her early twenties while studying in Amsterdam.

Delight Yoga Staff - Mariette de Kroon

Mariette de Kroon

Meditatie,  Mindfulness,  Tibetan Healing Yoga

Na haar studie in business management volgde Mariette spontaan retraitedagen bij de Dalai Lama in Zuidfrankrijk. Via stoelmassage op kantoor raakte ze geïnteresseerd in Shiatsu en de taal van body & mind.

Delight Yoga Staff - Marije Roede

Marije Roede

Astanga Led

Beweging is altijd een belangrijk onderdeel in het leven van Marije geweest. Toen zij besloot om naar de universiteit te gaan om psychologie te studeren en om niet door te gaan met de dansacademie waar zij op dat moment op zat, kwam yoga in haar leven en die yoga vulde het gat op dat was ontstaan.

Delight Yoga Staff - Marilou van Hoek

Marilou van Hoek

Astanga LedAstanga MysoreHathaPranayama

Marilou heeft Filippijnse roots en is als tiener naar Nederland gekomen. Ze zegt zelf dat ze hierdoor het beste van twee werelden in zich heeft: de oosterse en de westerse.

Delight Yoga Staff - Marsha Broeke

Marsha Broeke

Astanga Led

After a period with a lot of  lower backpain, wich finaly resulted in a hernia Marsha came in contact with Ashtanga Yoga. She immediately fell in love with the movements of body and breath connection. She noticed that not only physically she was healing, but after a long period of being really shy and insecure she started feeling better in her own body.  One day her teacher advised her to become a teacher.

Delight Yoga Staff - Martine Wieten

Martine Wieten

Astanga LedAstanga Mysore

More info coming soon...

Delight Yoga Staff - Matsyendra


MeditatiePranayama,  Restorative

Matsyendra’s yogalessen gaan van hart tot hart. Hij legt een verbinding tussen de uiterlijke yoga van houding en ademhaling en de innerlijke yoga van concentratie en meditatie. Hij geeft les in de klassieke Hatha yoga stijl, met invloeden van zijn eigen Kundalini Tantra en Kriya Yoga practice.

Delight Yoga Staff - Maximiliaan Cohen

Maximiliaan Cohen

Astanga LedRestorative Yoga

In 2012 Max decided to quit his job and move to Manila to travel and work. Just before he left for Manila, he discovered meditation. Amazed by the positive results in his daily life, his first Vinyasa yoga class soon followed. He loved moving the body in a flow and the awareness on the breath.

Delight Yoga Staff - Megan Riley

Megan Riley

Astanga LedAstanga Mysore

Megan began an Ashtanga practice at the start of her career in higher education after completing her graduate work in creative writing in the U.S. What started as a search for an exercise to reduce stress and connect philosophy to practice, the yoga led her to her first teacher and, eventually, to her first trip to the Krishna Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India.

Delight Yoga Staff - Mirjam Lieffering

Mirjam Lieffering

Prenatal Yoga

For more than 20 years Mirjam is a passionate yogi. After a turbulent life, she completed the 500hrs Sivananda Teacher Training of two years. In the ashram of Swami Nirgunananda Saraswati, she received her spiritual name Mahasiddhi. She has followed numerous additional trainings and workshops. Her philosophy is, even as a teacher you are a student, and learning is a never-ending process.

Delight Yoga Staff - Moena de Jong

Moena de Jong

HathaVinyasaYinPranayamaYin Yang,  Restorative

Toen Moena enkele jaren geleden verdieping zocht in het lesgeven was het een logische stap om een yoga opleiding te gaan volgen.

Delight Yoga Staff - Nancy Reyerts

Nancy Reyerts

HathaVinyasaYoga Basics

Travelling by sailing boat across the oceans for over 10 years made Nancy see the effects that external world has on the mind. Being in complete focus, acceptance and calmness when at sea and unrest and distractions when returning to land. This created a awareness that needed further exploring.

Delight Yoga Staff - Nanneke Landman

Nanneke Landman

HathaYinYin Yang

Growing up in South Africa, Nanneke was inspired by African Dance which eluded an interest in physical movement early on. Curious about the deeper essence of life, she found that studying yogic philosophy and Buddhism were the only things that truly made sense to her.

Delight Yoga Staff - Natasa Mojsilovic

Natasa Mojsilovic

HathaYoga Basics

Natasa had her first hatha yoga class in Belgrade, Serbia before the year 2000. Yoga practice felt right from the start, with the resonant feeling of joyful presence. On a quest to further explore this feeling the yoga path has brought her to various karma and hatha yoga practices.

Delight Yoga Staff - Nathalie Ho-Kang-You

Nathalie Ho-Kang-You

HathaVinyasa,  Restorative

Her historical foundation leads back to scholarly training in classical and modern ballet. She worked as a performing artist and still teaches classical ballet and contemporary dance. She discovered and fell in love with B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga technique right after her dancing career.

Delight Yoga Staff - Ombretta Dettori

Ombretta Dettori

Ayurveda,  Astanga Mysore Beginners

Ombretta encounters Yoga in 2012, shortly after moving to Amsterdam: reluctant at first she comes out of the class feeling slightly high and willing to try again but is only after her first Ashtanga class that she is hooked. Ashtanga and Yin are her “playground” during the first years: she experiences the gift of her body and realizes how disconnected and out of balance she is.

Delight Yoga Staff - Pascale Bonnet

Pascale Bonnet

HathaPrenatal Yoga

Pascale started practicing yoga following the home birth of her son in 1992, with a Shivananda book in the Philippines where she was living. She felt so empowered that she decided to make it her profession after the homebirth of her daughter in 1994. She certified with yoga and massage at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in the USA, in 1996.

Delight Yoga Staff - Patricia Veltri

Patricia Veltri

HathaVinyasaYinYin Yang

Yoga maakt al heel lang deel uit van Patricia’s leven. Ze was negen jaar toen ze voor het eerst iemand yoga zag beoefenen. Dat was haar grootmoeder die, terug na een half jaar in een ashram in India, elke morgen yoga deed.

Delight Yoga Staff - Paulien Ten Brinke

Paulien Ten Brinke

VinyasaPrenatal Yoga

Yoga came to her path in 2008. First the physical part and later the healing aspect of it. After doing more and more yoga she started with a teacher training in vinyasa yoga. She loves to combine the classic asana’s in easy slow flows to come into a moving meditation.

Delight Yoga Staff - Peter Roussel

Peter Roussel

HathaVinyasaYoga Basics,  Restorative

A new level of self enquiry started with spontaneous insights in hot spring in the Himalaya 1998. On returning to UK at the age of 23, Peter was gifted yoga classes that sparked fervent practice of Astanga until he completed Yoga Arts TT under Louisa Sear in 2001. Three more teacher trainings and many workshops since, Peter learned the structure and knowledge of Iyengar Yoga with Glenn Ceresoli. 

Delight Yoga Staff - Philine Nugteren

Philine Nugteren


Philine’s first encounter with yoga was as a young girl watching her grandfather going up into headstand every morning. She was intrigued and joyfully started copying these shapes and she discovered that moving, dancing and being upside down created freedom and happiness in her body.

Delight Yoga Staff - Rania de Vroedt

Rania de Vroedt

Prenatal Yoga

Rania has always had a passion for teaching and children. When she decided to take the path to become a Yoga teacher in 2013, she did so to become a children's and Prenatal Yoga teacher. Her path led her through an Anusara inspired Yoga Teacher Training, led by Julia Schlenkert in Essen, Germany.

Delight Yoga Staff - Regina Németh

Regina Németh

HathaYinPrenatal Yoga

Gymnastics, dance and music have been part of her life since very early age. Regina's love for yoga started in 2010 in India, and in 2012 she completed her 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training with Dr. Sushil, and deepend her knowledge about Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki and Meditation.

Delight Yoga Staff - Reinier Dorrepaal

Reinier Dorrepaal

Astanga LedAstanga Mysore

More info coming soon...

Delight Yoga Staff - Rolandjan Van Mulligen

Rolandjan Van Mulligen

YinMeditatieYin Yang,  Restorative,  Mindfulness

Toen Rolandjan in 2001 deelname aan zijn eerste Vipassana retraite, beïnvloedde dat zijn leven enorm. Zelfonderzoek en de zoektocht naar wat echt is kwamen centraal te staan.

Delight Yoga Staff - Roos Neeter

Roos Neeter


Roos her yoga journey started while living in Florence for her studies. From that very first class in 2008 she felt that yoga was something very special… while at that time not yet understanding how special exactly.

Delight Yoga Staff - Roos Metje

Roos Metje

VinyasaPrenatal Yoga

Roos’ yogic journey started a couple of years ago when she felt a strong urge to ground herself and to discover different ways to be in the present moment and to find harmony in all her ways of ‘being’. Coming from a high demanding acting world where everything is focused on appearance she felt like it was time for a change and for finding time to open up and get a clearer view of her 'Dharma'.

Delight Yoga Staff - Royce Benda

Royce Benda


Who am I? At a young age Royce knew his heart wish was to serve all beings. Struggling with how to implement this in every day life, he found that to truly help others, he first needed to listen to his own heart. Through experience Royce learned how easy it is to outrun yourself and ended up in a burnout in 2010.

Delight Yoga Staff - Sasha Van Aalst

Sasha Van Aalst

Astanga LedAstanga Mysore

I first came in to contact with yoga in a white room with a tree in the middle and Katiza Satya gently guiding how to salute and acknowledge the sun. I was young, tender and touched - a trace of wonder left behind. Years later while studying Art History at the University of Amsterdam, I began discovering Ashtanga Yoga in 2009 here at Delight Yoga. I've been practicing daily since 2012.

Delight Yoga Staff - Saske Wentink

Saske Wentink

Astanga LedAstanga Mysore

More info coming soon...

Delight Yoga Staff - Serge Garnier

Serge Garnier


Sharing and teaching with a pinch of humour is what Serge has been bringing to this world in the last few years. His first encounter with mindfulness started during a travelling journey through Nepal back in 2001. His yoga practice unfolded from there.

Delight Yoga Staff - Shari Iskandar

Shari Iskandar

Yin,  Mindfulness

After studying Econometrics and working for several start up companies, Shari became aware that the way she lived was too stressful for her and found herself burned out for about a year. During that period she started doing yoga everyday, mostly Yin yoga, and felt that it was exactly what she needed in her life.

Delight Yoga Staff - Sido Wijga

Sido Wijga

Astanga LedAstanga MysoreYinYoga Basics,  Restorative

Sido kwam in 2008 uit nieuwsgierigheid naar een yoga les boven zijn werkplek, dit was één van de eerste lessen van Kristin Vikjord in Amsterdam (mede-oprichtster van Delight Yoga). Dit is waar hij Astanga Vinyasa ontdekte. Al snel merkte hij wat een positieve invloed yoga had op zijn lichamelijke en mentale gesteldheid.

Delight Yoga Staff - Simona Schimanovich

Simona Schimanovich


Simona takes people on powerful journeys guiding them into a deeper connection with themselves and to live more fully from the heart. She is passionate about sharing yoga as a powerful practice for healing and growth. She loves the richness and expression of Vinyasa Flow and teaches vibrant, soulful classes with creative sequencing. Her teaching is inspired by the elements and cycles of nature.

Delight Yoga Staff - Simona Benvenuti

Simona Benvenuti

Astanga Led

Simona was born in Italy and since her youth has been living abroad, following her passion for different cultures and languages. Since 1999 she has settled in Amsterdam where she lives with her 2 daughters.

Delight Yoga Staff - Sjoerd Dragtsma

Sjoerd Dragtsma


After flirting with yoga in his twenties, this time (2015) he was naturally and unavoidable drawn into the yogic fire. The sacred Amazone ceremonies gave Sjoerd many glimpses about what it means to be a human being, to live with other beings and how we tend to keep ourselves small and ‘secure’.

Delight Yoga Staff - Skadi van Paasschen

Skadi van Paasschen

Astanga LedYinYin Yang

Skadi geeft yoga en pilates. Ze geeft hierin ook workshops in New York en Frankrijk. Ze is sinds 1995 bezig met houding- en beweging therapie en heeft jarenlang in de revalidatie gewerkt.

Delight Yoga Staff - Sophie Schaefgen

Sophie Schaefgen

HathaVinyasaYoga Basics

Van oorsprong Duits, is Sophie naar Amsterdam gekomen om een Master in Environment & Resource Management af te ronden.

Delight Yoga Staff - Sterre Ferf

Sterre Ferf


Explorative and adventurous by nature, Sterre’s surfy soul has brought her to many exotic places, yet never to India. Delving deeper into yoga and meditation for about a decennium, made a pilgrimage inevitable. In 2018 she took off, roamed around, visited magical and significant places and deepened her practice at retreats.

Delight Yoga Staff - Tanisha Lindeman

Tanisha Lindeman

Astanga LedAstanga MysoreVinyasa

Being born in Singapore with a Peruvian and Dutch background Tanisha is a truly international Yogi. She speaks fluent English, Dutch and Spanish and gets her inspiration from all over the world, giving her a heart for traveling.

Delight Yoga Staff - Tara Chirimar

Tara Chirimar


Growing up in the light of spirituality made Tara ever looking for a deeper purpose in life. Her background in Psychology didn't seem to reach the aspiration she was searching for. Not until she started deepening her Yoga and Meditation practice, this inner search was fulfilled. This made her travel to her fatherland, India, to study Vinyasa, Hatha, Astanga and therapeutical Yoga.

Delight Yoga Staff - Vera Kaye

Vera Kaye

Yin,  Restorative,  Restorative Yoga

Vera Kaye took her first yoga class in 2002, during her theatre studies, to keep the performers’ body in shape. After taking a fall on stage in 2012 and getting injured, yoga became the healthy way to explore the new physical state. She quickly realised it was working on levels beyond the physical. The intensified practice revealed patterns and habits, some not constructive (anymore) or even destructive.

Delight Yoga Staff - Victoria (Tory) Hyndman

Victoria (Tory) Hyndman

HathaVinyasaYoga BasicsPranayama,  Restorative,  Ayurveda

Op een luchtig manier, maar trouw aan de authentieke yoga leer, maakt Victoria in haar yogalessen gebruik van de wijsheid van Ayurveda, om haar studenten de mogelijkheid te bieden om door fysieke yogabeoefening toegang te krijgen tot spiritualiteit.

Delight Yoga Staff - Wendy Wanner

Wendy Wanner

YinPrenatal Yoga

Wendy heeft ruim 6 jaar ervaring als massage therapeut en yogadocent. Eerst deed ze dat nog naast een hectische communicatiefunctie.