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Ayurveda Practitioner Studies

A four-year 200 EC study program with Bachelor level accreditation

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Bachelor level
In 2017, the Ayurveda Practitioner Studies was granted a Bachelor level (HBO-niveau in Dutch) accreditation by the independent accreditation organisation Stichting Nederlands Register voor Opleidingen (SNRO). This accreditation implies that the study program is carried out at a qualified professional level and that it meets all the Bachelor level requirements. As a result, the APS program can be considered complete and all-round in terms of preparing students towards practising in a professional way in the field of Ayurvedic Medicine.


European Credits (ECs)
The program contains 50 European Credits (ECs). In order to become a member of a professional association, a western anatomy & physiology (Medische Basiskennis in Dutch) course at PLATO standards level of 40 ECs must be completed. This course is not included in the APT curriculum. For more information about the extracurricular western anatomy & physiology course, please refer to this page.


Assignments and tests
Because the study program is subject to this Bachelor level standard, Delight Academy has to ensure that students also graduate at this level. As a consequence, students study in line with future professional tasks, Bachelor competences and SNRO requirements. In order to guarantee these prerequisites, the APT program contains ample assignments and tests throughout the year - including a yearly final exam - and students are expected to study on a regular basis.

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