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Ayurveda Practitioner Studies

A four-year 200 EC study program with Bachelor level accreditation

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Study manual
All course materials are collected in an online learning management system. In addition, each year you will need to purchase a study manual developed by Delight Academy as well as the Asthanga Hridyam, which is to be purchased in the first year only. Please refer to the Tuition & Fees page for an indication of costs.


Reading list
The reading list for Year I is:

  • Svoboda, Dr. R. (2002) - Prakriti “Your Ayurvedic Constitution” (2nd edition). Twin Lakes, USA: Lotus Press ISBN 9780965620833
  • Frawley, D. (1999) - Yoga and Ayurveda. Twin Lakes, USA: Lotus Press, ISBN 9780914955818
  • A. Smith, V.A. (2013) - Ayurvedic Medicine for Westerns (Volume 1) Anatomy and Physiology in Ayurveda. Platform EIVS GmbH, Edition Turiya, Switzerland (Dietikon) ISBN 9781491043905
  • Smith, V.A. (2015) - Ayurvedic Medicine for Westerns: Clinical Treatments & Protocols in Ayurveda (Volume 3). Platform EIVS GmbH, Edition Turiya, Switzerland (Dietikon).

  • ​Vasant Lad, Dr. (2006) - The complete book of Ayurvedic home remedies. United Kingdom: Little, Brown Book Group. ISBN 9780749927653

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