Drop Back To Yoga School offer. One month for free, plus guidance consult & tote bag

by Delight Yoga

Unlimited Yearly Membership Deal!

As the world shifts back into its regular rhythms and school and work start to fill up our schedules, we are given the opportunity to create new routines and lifestyles. To create the spark for your re-entry into the world, we have a special ‘drop back to yoga school’ offer.

Exclusive Drop Back to Yoga School Yearly Membership deal: One month free + personal guidance consult + Delight Yoga tote bag. For a limited time only!

As a yearly member of Delight Yoga, you'll get best value for money, unlimited access to Delight Yoga classes in Amsterdam and Den Haag, free access to Delight Online, free access to our Delight Lifestyle programs & 10% discount in our Delight Shop.

At Delight we make Yoga, Ayurveda, Mindfulness, and Meditation accessible for everyone. Whether you’re looking to feel balanced, build strength, or cultivate happiness in your life, there is always a class for you. When you discover your true nature, you experience the sheer joy of being alive. This is the Delight of Being.

Option 1:

Drop Back to Yoga School
Yearly Delight Membership



Option 2:

Drop Back to Yoga School
Yearly Mysore Membership

AFTER €105,- / MONTH



Commit to your yoga practice for 12 months with our drop back to yoga school offer and get:


One month for Free

With the Drop Back to Yoga school offer you'll get one month for free (worth € 75 - € 105), followed by 11 months for €75,- per month with a Yearly Delight Membership or 11 month for €105,- per month with a Yearly Mysore Membership. After 12 months, your yearly membership will automatically renew as a Monthly Membership until cancellation.


One Personal Guidance Consult 

You'll also receive a guidance session (worth € 25) in which we design an individual program based on your needs, preferences, level of experience, physical condition and state of mind. Whether you are a total beginner, or looking for extra help to reach your goals, we will help you find your way. To plan your appointment, please reach out to our Student Care department (see below). 


One Free Delight Yoga Tote Bag

We will also gift you one free Delight Yoga tote bag (worth € 9,95), You can pick up your free tote bag before or after your class at one of our studios, while stock lasts.


Unlimited access to Delight Yoga Amsterdam & Den Haag

A yearly membership gives you unlimited access to Delight Yoga classes in all our locations in Amsterdam and Den Haag. If you choose for our Yearly Mysore Membership you will also get access to the Mysore Program. 


Free access to Delight Online

Yearly members get free access to Delight Online livestreams, journeys and library (worth €240 per year). With our extensive on-demand library you can choose from 150+ online classes to practice wherever you want, whenever you need. 


Free access to Delight Lifestyle programs

Yearly members can join all our Delight Lifestyle programs for free (worth €100,- per program). We designed 8-week programs to balance yourself through the wisdom of Yoga & Ayurveda. Coming up: 'Balance Your Vata' in Autumn, 'Balance Your Kapha' in Winter/Spring and 'Balance Your Pitta' in Summer. You'll receive an invitation through e-mail, once the registration for the program is open.


10% discount in our Delight Shop

Yearly members also get 10% discount in the little shop that you can find in our studios. This discount does not apply for food & beverage produts, giftcards and books. 


Need some guidance?


We are delighted to guide you along your path. If you have any questions, please see the frequently asked questions or feel free to contact us. Our Student Care department is available by phone from Monday through Friday from 9:00 - 15:00.

Take Delight in the here and now - where and whenever you please.

Delight Yoga