Studio News: October 2021

by Delight Yoga


Autumn is awaiting us with exciting changes and transformations.
Just as the trees outside shed their leaves, our bodies and minds can shed old patterns in order to make space for new vibrancy and growth. This is an ideal time to evaluate which habits bring you closer to yourself, and which ones no longer serve you.

We have created our newest program, ‘30 Days of Delight’, to help you incorporate yoga into your daily life - both on and off the mat. You will receive a 30-day calendar, daily rituals, recommended practices, self-care tips, and inspirational blogs that will take you through what yoga is and how it can positively impact your life and well-being. 

Would you like to bring a friend along on your journey? Spread the yoga love and bring a friend to class for free! All you need to do is send this link to your friends and plan a class together before 1 November.

With love,

The Delight Team

Theme of the Month: From your small mind to the big picture

By Kevin Sahaj

"There is a way of looking at ourselves in the Zen Buddhist tradition that shows us that we have two minds. One mind is called “the small mind” and the other is called “the big mind”. The small mind is the egocentric self-obsessed mind that is always looking at life through the lens of “ what’s in it for me?”

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Introducing 30 Days of Delight

Do you want to start your yoga journey? Or do you feel the need to reconnect or deepen your practice? We've created a special 30-day program to help you incorporate yoga into your daily life, both on and off the mat. Delight Members can join the program for free, and non-members can join by purchasing our new 30 Days of Delight Card for just €60,-.

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This Month

We offer workshops and special classes taught by expert teachers & musicians in Amsterdam, Den Haag, and online.


Introduction to Yoga Program
with Lidewij Severins
2 October 2021

Psoas & Pelvis Workshop: Experiential Anatomy into Practice
with Claudia Kratzheller
3 October 2021

HypnoBirthing, The Mongan Method: 5-Week Holistic Birth Preparation Course
with Kasia Pokrop
Starting on 5 October 2021

Ayurvedic Nutrition Course
with Liese van Dam
Starting on 8 October 2021

Sound Bath Meditation: The Power of Sound Healing
with Stacey Griffin
8 October 2021

Preparation for Birth: Partner Workshop
with Kamini Stam
9 October 2021

Women's Circle
with Anaisa Seneda
22 October 2021

Astanga Yoga Workshop
with Claudia Pradella & Eva Ugolini
23 October 2021

Yoga Nidra & Healing the Inner Elements: A 50-Hour Training for Teachers
with Moena de Jong
Starting on 25 October 2021

Silent Sit Sangha - Special Class
with Sjoerd Dragtsma, Royce Benda, Inge Peters & Rolandjan van Mulligen
29 October 2021


Exquisite Inversion Journey
with Tanisha Lindeman
3 October 2021

New Moon Yin and Meditation - Special Class
with Irina van der Sluijs
6 October 2021

Introduction to Yoga Program
with Patricia Veltri
9 October 2021

Yin Yoga with Live Cello and Harmonium
with Lonneke Lamers & Willemijn Knoedler
10 October 2021

Bliss Healing
with Ira Hardjosusono & Ingeborg Timmerman
15 October 2021

Full Moon Practice and Meditation - Special Class
with Mariette de Kroon
20 October 2021

Silence is a Superpower - Navigating Emotions through Mindfulness
with Hedi de Vree
23 October 2021


New Moon Circle: Set Your Intentions
with Simona Schimanovich
6 October 2021

Monthly Ayurveda Sangha (Theme: You are the Being-ness, not the Busy-ness) - Special Class
with Victoria (Tory) Raven Hyndman
7 October 2021

Yoga Teacher Training: Q&A and Masterclass
with Satya Katiza & Kevin Sahaj
9 October 2021

Healing and Awakening in Autumn (4-Week Course)
with Kevin Sahaj
Starting on 10 October 2021

Mindfulness & Wellbeing
with Kristin Vikjord
13 October 2021

Monthly Satsang (Theme: You are the Being-ness, not the Busy-ness) - Special Class
with Satya Katiza & Kevin Sahaj
17 October 2021

Full Moon Circle: Follow the Moon
with Simona Schimanovich
19 October 2021

Yogi Facilitator Training: Applied Psychology for Yogis
with Kristin Vikjord
Starting on 22 October 2021

Autumn Satsang - Zoom Special Class
with Satya Katiza
Starting on 25 October 2021

Upcoming Events

Practical Updates

- We have some wonderful new additions to our family -  Anne Leerink and Nancy van den Berg have joined our beautiful host team in The Hague, Lee van Scholl is our new Programming Assistant, Patrícia Rovná has joined the Marketing team as our Social Media Intern, and Danique Lakens is rejoining Delight as our Graphic Designer. Welcome!

- Serge Garnier has spread his wings to France for at least the end of the year - it’s not certain whether or not he will return to Amsterdam. Ellemijn Nonkes has taken over Serge’s classes since the 7th of September:
Tuesday | 18:15 - 19:30 Yin Yang
Thursday | 7:00 - 8:00 Vinyasa

- As of the 7th of October, Manda O’Leary  will be teaching a Prenatal class:
Thursday | 19:30 - 20:45

- We want to thank Jason Winter for sharing his Free Movement classes with us and bringing a new taste to Delight's palette. Valéry van Gorp will be taking over and changing the name of these classes to 'Conscious Movement'.

- From the 5th of October, Inge’s Mindfulness & Yin class on Tuesdays at 12:00 will be changed into a Restorative class.
- From the 10th of October, Sido’s Yin class on Sundays at 19:00 will be guided by Cecilia Adorée.

- From the 4th of October on, Victoria Raven Hyndman will be taking on the role of Ayurvedic Coordinator within Delight. Victoria’s Vinyasa Beginners class on Mondays at 10:15 will be guided by Sophie Fleur Jongebloed.
- As of the 10th of October, Ombretta Dettori will be teaching a Restorative for Women’s Health class: 
Sunday | 14:15 - 15:30
From the 12th of October, Josta’s Astanga Beginners class on Tuesdays at 18:15 will be guided by Ingrid Notten.

- Due to Victoria’s new (added) role as Ayurvedic Coordinator, consultations and massages will only take place at de Nieuwe Achtergracht.

- As of the 5th of October, Nancy’s Hatha class on Tuesdays at 16:30 will be guided by our new teacher 
Nathalie Rasing as Nancy switched locations to the De Clercqstraat.

- Brenda van der Toorn is back from her maternity leave! She will take back the following classes:
Thursday | 10:15 - 11:30
Friday | 18:15 - 19:30
Saturday | 8:00 - 09:00

- As of the 10th of October, Nathalie Rasing will be teaching a Restorative class: 
Sunday | 18:00 - 19:15

- As of this month, Anna Scott Miller will teach an online Astanga class every other week. Marjolein Vos will teach an online Restorative class every other week.

Inspiration for this Month:

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