How to work with September's New and Full Moon

by Simona Schimanovich


We are in the beautiful time of the harvest! Each year early autumn brings us the ‘back to school’ feeling as we move into Virgo season. This very practical Earth sign supports us in coming back from the summer holidays, getting reorganised, and finding a healthy routine.

The Autumn Equinox on September 22nd is a pivotal day of the year and brings us an energy shift. This day of balance is also the beginning of Libra season.

Shortly after, on the 26th, Mercury will go retrograde for the last time this year. This will give us altogether six planets in retrograde – asking us to slow down and retrace our steps before we can move forward again.

September will be setting the stage for what’s to come – with October bringing big cosmic shifts and changes.

September 7th - New Moon in Virgo

The September New Moon falls into the mutable Earth sign of Virgo.

As the 6th sign of the zodiac, it completes the first half of the wheel – the personal signs. After the Equinox we enter the second half of the wheel – the transpersonal signs – with Libra season, the sign of relationships.

The sign of Virgo is represented by the Virgin – which in this context symbolises our inner strength and being independent and ‘whole’ in ourselves. Mastering this prepares us to enter into partnerships.

This Earth sign is also connected to healing and natural medicine, so it’s a wonderful time to soak in the healing vibes of Mother Nature to feel grounded and calm.

Virgo energy is very practical, reliable, and organised. It helps us to sort out our lives and get everything back on track as we move into the last quarter of the year.

As we come back from summer and enter autumn, Virgo energy helps us to establish healthy routines, come back to our daily practices, and look after our nutrition. Set your intentions under the Virgo New Moon to create nourishing daily rituals that lift your energy and improve your wellbeing.

Delight Yoga is offering an online New Moon Circle guided by Simona Schimanovich, where we will come together to share and set our intentions in a powerful New Moon meditation.

September 20th - Full Moon in Pisces

While the sun is in practical Virgo, the Full Moon on September 20th falls into the dreamy, sensitive sign of Pisces. A full moon is always on the opposite side – reminding us to find the golden middle. 

While Virgo energy is rational and grounded, the water sign of Pisces is mystical and ethereal. As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces is said to be the oldest, most trans-personal sign that is going beyond the physical and is connected to higher realms. Its intuitive, dreamy energy is wonderful for all spiritual practices like meditation, chanting, and yoga. 

On the flip side, its fluid nature may also feel blurry and lacking clarity. This will be enhanced by the fact that during the time of this Full Moon, Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces, will be active, increasing this watery, emotional energy. With Mercury about to go retrograde on the 26th, the feeling of fogginess can be amplified. This is a time to surrender and trust your intuition.

Support yourself by using the soothing vibes of this Pisces Full Moon to dive into your spiritual practice and connect to a deeper sense of wisdom and compassion. It will be a beautiful time to meditate and tap into your intuition in any way, such as doing a Tarot reading or receiving a healing!

Delight Yoga is offering an online Full Moon Circle guided by Simona Schimanovich, where we come together to share, learn more about the cosmic energies and move through powerful practices.

About Simona Schimanovich

Simona takes people on powerful journeys guiding them into a deeper connection with themselves and to live more fully from the heart. She is passionate about sharing yoga as a powerful practice for healing and growth. She loves the richness and expression of Vinyasa Flow and teaches vibrant, soulful classes with creative sequencing. Her teaching is inspired by the elements and cycles of nature.