The 13 lunar cycles: 'Looks far Woman' (Part 4 of 13)

by Ira Hardjosusono

Living the Mandala of Life.

First of all, I’m grateful and happy to have been asked to write about the theme of the 4th April moon. Inspired by the many stories of women on the path, I started writing directly from the heart, inviting you to join me to go back in time.

Back to the backyard of our house when I was seven years old. Bathing in a small colorful paddling pool, ears underwater, I felt so safe, so protected, so embedded by the warmth of the sun. I knew at that moment everything was alright, a little seed of faith and feminine Truth was deeply planted. Its energy resonating in the core of my open heart, in the background the whispering voices of the grandmothers.

With this glimpse of light and their voices in my heart, I started growing up and walking the path, more and more able to let my feet touch the earth. My foundation of faith and trust is still becoming stronger and is allowing me to grow into wisdom.

The wisdom needed to bow down and continue the work of our Ancestors who walked in lineage before, offering their lives, their sufferings, contractions and pain they have faced. This is the wisdom of sacred feminine in all of us, beyond gender, age and race.

It is life itself which constantly invites us to see beyond gender, age, and race, and move beyond pain and suffering in body and mind. Ignoring this invitation is what limits our ability to see the Truth. Everything is a call, a message, a sound asking for attention; listen, allow, recognize, relax, shake it out. 

The gate is always open for those who have ears to hear, eyes to see and hearts to understand.

Love and Kindness,


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About Ira Hardjosusono

Door de verdieping in Yoga die Ira heeft ondergaan in de laatste jaren worden haar lessen, workshops en privé lessen als zeer zorgvuldig en direct ervaren. Diep bewegend vanuit de energie die er op dat moment is, bewegend vanuit de adem.