The 13 lunar cycles: Wisdom Keeper (Part 2 of 13)

by Alixe van Ogtrop

As honoring nature's rhythms and cycles connect us more easily with our own True Nature, we will write about the 13 lunar cycles. This year 13 women have been asked to write about the 13 lunar cycles. I have been asked to write about the second moon of the year with the theme 'Wisdom Keeper'.

For me, the second moon of the year - the white moon season - has been a time of retreat. At first, I missed my sparkly outward energy and I had to adjust to a more inward focus where I could rest and reflect. (In deep contemplation my visions have ripened towards their manifestation in the season to come.) This time of introspection opened my eyes and allowed me to see that there is wisdom in every being. The Wisdom Keeper within me has shown me that whenever I feel ‘that person does not understand yet’ or think ‘follow my way, my truth’ I am actually the fool. The beauty for me is to see there is wisdom in everything, not only in Nature but in every human being too. Even in the smiling 'whacko' in the park - maybe the wisest of us all?

The Wisdom Keeper is teaching me to let go. To let go of all I know or think I know. The more I want to hold on to an idea, practice or teaching, the more I know I have to let go. The moment the medicine becomes an addiction or an attachment it loses its purpose. And yes; it feels scary to let go, yet within me, there is this light that connects me to the universal intelligence and there I 'Know'. The interesting thing is that the more I let go of wanting to know, the more I can tap into it all and I 'Know'. 

However, even though I can feel the light within me, it takes a whole lot of courage to step into the unknown. Deep inside me I trust that everything is perfect, that I am perfect and that this world is perfect. When I trust, surrender and embrace not-knowing, the real magic happens and creation occurs.

At times I can be hard on myself. When I need to be perfectly aligned and always aware, my light actually dims. At these moments the wisdom keeper steps in and gives me compassion, gentleness, and softness. She teaches me I am here on earth to experience, to make 'mistakes' so that I can actually learn. To see every life experience as an opportunity to grow - instead of something that 'happens' to me. Then I don't take life so seriously, I perceive life as a gift and I enjoy! (Wow, shifting to this perception has been so healing!)

When we reconnect to the second lunar cycle and listen to the voice of the wisdom keeper we can let go of how life should be and trust in natures’ intelligence. When we connect with this intelligence, with a pure thought, clarity and a desire to be ‘Truth', we are all co-creators and ambassadors of Truth. 

So let's commit to Truth NOW!

I will start: I don't know


Alixe van Ogtrop


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About Alixe van Ogtrop

Alixe always knew she wanted to change the world. Starting in corporate life she discovered that the real change can only be made when the change is made within. After a PTSD Alixe went on her own healing journey, when reconnecting with her True Self and coming back home (within) she could not, not start to guide other people back to their own Inner Being.