The 13 lunar cycles: Intimacy with all that is (Part 7 of 13)

by Katka Jacz

Theme of the Month July: Intimacy with all that is

by Katka Jacz

To be at home with yourself and the world around you, happy and intimate with whatever is. Those of you who have had this experience know this is a possibility. But to live like this more constantly, is this possible?
This has been my interest for the last couple of years and I would like to share some of what this path has brought me with you. Part of this exploration has been to understand why we don’t feel at home with ourselves and the world around us. Most of the time this is our experience. Even written pieces like this about happiness can be paradoxically frustrating.
What happens when we feel separated from the world and ourselves? In the title I use the word intimate and with this I mean a closeness, a non separation from what is. The experience of separation (duality) is what causes us to feel distance from ourselves and others. Separation means apart from the whole, in separation there are two while at first there was one. And this separation begins with (the unconscious or subconscious) belief that we are apart from the whole.
But what if this was not true and the truth was in fact the exact opposite? Wouldn’t that be a game changer? And worth investigating? Separation begins in our thinking, which by nature divides things, into for instance: good, bad, like, dislike, wrong, right. From this perspective we see that we actually look at the world through filters. And these filters cause trouble for ourselves and the world around us. It is therefore our thinking which divides and causes separation, and this happens unconsciously. It is not “reality”.
In order to experience life more intimately we need to step out of thinking and take our attention habits and direct them elsewhere. Good ways to do this are by practicing meditation and yoga.
You can also do it here and now, because no thought can reside in the here and now. Simply allow your awareness to rest in yourself, your body or in nature. And don’t put and thoughts or feelings onto your awareness altar to worship. For this resting you don’t have to do anything, this is not a doing, but a being, If a thought comes you just let your attention rest. If you play a bit with this, what is then your experience? Even if this experience is half a second, maybe in between two thoughts. Do you feel more connected of less connected?
I hope this inspires you to explore the possibility of living more intimately and freely with whatever arises in your life.



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About Katka Jacz

Katka discovered yoga quite unexpectedly. While taking time off and traveling after her studies she found herself on a Caribbean beach in an impromptu yoga class, and immediately knew that something had shifted in her life forever.