The 13 lunar cycles: Listen to your inner voice (Part 5 of 13)

by Martine van Beusekom

Listen to your Inner Voice


Every month the theme of the month is inspired by the book 'The 13 Clan Mothers', in which the writer, Jamie Sams, shares her Native American wisdom on what the moon teaches us, all 13 moons have their own teaching, helping us to Truth. Martine wrote about what the 5th moon brings us.

We all have a deep and inexplicable knowledge about ourselves that we call intuition. It is everything you know without being rational and can be seen as your personal wisdom. Probably we all know and experience this, but the question is: are we always able to listen to this little voice deep inside that gives us information about the needs and desires of our body, mind and spirit?

If this would be the case, then the world would be full of happy and healthy people tuned in with their pure discernment. According to Ayurveda, human suffering is caused by ignorance about who we truly are. A result from ignorance is that we do not always make the choices that fit best to our unique profile. And after some time, it is possible that you start to feel unhappy or that health complaints start telling that probably you need something else in life. Possibly, choices in the field of food, lifestyle, daily routine, working environment or the people around us are not the perfect match.

In many cases we first need to suffer before we can really see what is good for us and how this will influence our wellbeing. As an Ayurveda Practitioner it is my profession to help people rediscover their pathway to health and I have deep respect for everyone going into this process. Because I am myself also a human being trying to find my way in life, I have experienced the impact of being able to listen. During the time that life had created a situation for me that brought me to a sudden ‘hold’ – this space helped me so much to reconnect. Yoga, meditation and Ayurveda showed me the way.

Years ago I was impressed by the science of life that we call Ayurveda, that I could not let go of this anymore and I changed my working life for one of studying and personal growth. For me this was a good decision, and.. it is not always necessary to make a drastic change to find back happiness and health – in many cases, simple changes have a big effect. It’s just realising that it is so worthwhile listening to this deep little voice inside of you, so please let me invite you to start tuning in right away!

Start listening to your little voice by connecting with yourself. That can be done in many ways! Choose what fits you best, try, explore! Dance, sing, meditate, walk in nature, take ‘me’ time, practice yoga, be with family and good friends, change your food habits, read an inspiring book, laugh and take it easy, cuddle your beloved ones, have a positive talk with somebody, look at the sun, be compassionate and treat yourself and others in a loving way! Finding your way to connect is a great start in listening to our little voice. 

Martine van Beusekom

Delight Academy Ayurveda
Academy Director


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