The 13 lunar cycles: shaping tomorrow's dream (Part 9 of 13)

by Dolores Mae Höppener

The moon of September is the ninth moon cycle, the ninth month, that we share about the wisdom of the moon according to the native traditions. This moon is asking us to be aware that we are influencing tomorrow’s dreams; to be proactive to ensure the abundance of the future. The abundance of our children's children.

According to Native American elders, Harmony & Balance aka peace is the common goal of humanity. They express that it's time to step out of the rat race, to change our behaviour and dare to really feel, to feel what's needed. They encourage us to be proactive. Not only on how we can take wise actions by lowering our footprint and taking only what we need to ensure there is enough for the next generations, but also by going inward: looking at our hidden feelings; our inner current that wants to be free.  

"What we see in our presence, 
is what we gave our attention." 

My journey inward showed me that I am not always aware of what I am doing. Only when I become aware of my behaviour, I have the possibility to change it. Big chance you experienced this too as only 3% of our processing power is in our conscious mind and 97% is subconscious or autonomic. These are habits, breath, digestion etc. The power of your subconscious mind is a million times greater than your conscious mind which also means that a lot of our actions are subconscious - and can be triggered by a pain you unconsciously carry. So the neighbour that isn’t nice, might not even be aware that he is behaving mean… And you might always get the same issues until you see the repeating pattern and are willing to look at what creates that. 

When we find harmony and balance in ourselves now, there will be enough for the needs of the next generations. This is why it's important to use our will to look at our hidden feelings, our pains and our dreams. Our thoughts create matter and thus the future. 

By being aware of our thought, feelings and actions (and what triggers them), we free ourselves from limitations and can positively influence the future. When we opt for light and love, we create more love and light around us. It is therefore important that we free ourselves from negative thoughts patterns and actions. We need to get the most of our subconscious mind by developing good habits, gaining mastery and becoming truthful. 
When I am deeply listening to the moon, she answers:

The dawn rises when it falls
Lovingly guiding to allow all
Using the darkest of the nights 
Awakening hidden feelings in the heart
Making space for what’s pounding deep inside
With true curiosity seeing what we project outside
Withdrawing the senses to reflect and retrospect 
Walking with a strong willingness to meet the challenges ahead
Singing peace and harmony with the sea
Being silent enough to hear tomorrow's melody
Ready to enfold what we hold in our hands
Knowing we are creating the vision of our lands
Choosing for what will give light tomorrow
Using will to ensure the abundance of the future 
Going to the place where you really have influence
There, where life Is and continues…

So how can we be good to ourselves, for our future, our next generations, planet earth, all creatures, stones and trees? By really going in. 

Be interested in how you act and what you do, to know it’s not you. So open up for the truth. Liberate yourself from the small you and align with your higher Self. Free your hidden feelings, choose for light and love to give our children and their children a beautiful place to live.  

Dolores Mae 
Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu 
May all beings be happy and free and may all my actions, thoughts and words contribute to that. 



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