The 13 lunar cycles: Talks with Relations (Part 1 of 13)

by Kristin Vikjord


“Weaving the rhythms of the seasons, She rides the Winds of Change”

I was born under the Aurora Borealis. Under the dancing Lights of winter. I grew up in moonlit darkness. In the land of the midnight sun, a land where the sun never sets. Where the silence is more still than the first stillness. And time is present, like moments that never pass. Blue hours of vastness. Raw. Pure. Where heaven meets earth in winds as wild as your wildest dreams.

With this little window into my childhood roots, I want to invite you into the New Year with the intention of understanding Nature. The nature around you. The nature within you. You as part of Nature. And Nature as part of you. Entering this new year in the name of sustainability, and agenting Sacred Space.

So what is it, the truth of nature? The nature of things? Of life? Of being? And, how do we learn it? How do we learn the truth, and to understand nature? Living in, and embodying this sacred space? It is quite simple.

♡ We know that Nature doesn´t judge. It doesn´t differentiate. How many hours you work. Where you have been. The cause of nature is predestined and pure. It´s organic. It moves. And it´s still.

♡ We know that when we show kinship with all beings and become nature´s allies, we support our own growth.

♡ We know that when we have a willingness to learn, we connect, and communicate.

♡ We know that all creatures are made of the same stardust.

♡  We know that when we apply our senses, understanding comes.

♡  We know that when we live in the rhythm of nature, of the seasons, of the beings in our surroundings, we surrender to the sacred space of nature.

♡ We know that pleasures nurture our aliveness.

♡ We know that frustrations are a net holding us prisoners of our own minds, and their illusions.

♡ We know that within us, we all have the innate ability – an inner voice and guiding light that teaches us our guiding light and our greatest capacity to love and to be loving.

♡ We know that we´ll find our own rhythm through understanding and respecting the rhythms of all beings and sacred space.

♡ We know that meditation is our access to this scared space. To nature. Our Nature. Meditation as in being still, as in the movement of listening, as in contemplation, as in the ontological state. Be still. Listen. And share.

♡ We know that by taking agency, and model to our children how to give and receive, we create new maps for them to be guided by.

♡ We know that the fertility of our children´s hearts depends on our ability to heal ourselves.

When we have freed our hearts from the limiting clenches of pain, fear and suffering, then we can lean into the Sacred Space of nature, and her rhythm. When we accept that everything in our world as alive, we are able to access the parts of ourselves that have become numbed or deadened, in order to heal and revive our own aliveness.

And then, we understand the truth. And we feel Nature.

“We discover the true essence … when the h is moved from the end of the word Earth to the front, spelling Heart. … - Dance the Dance of Creation, it brings Inner Peace, and therefore, world peace”.

So, as you step into this new year, acknowledge your own nature. Commit to your own wisdom, and invite yourself to surrender. Let 2018 be the year of sustainability, on all levels, and remember that individual action impacts globally.

With metta,



This text is inspired by “The 13 Original Clan Mothers” , by Jamie Sams, chapter 1, Talks with Relations.


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