The 13 lunar cycles: The 13th Moon in January (Part 13 of 13)

by Satya Katiza

'You are — the moment you decide to Be'
by Satya


After a wonderful journey of 12 moons, here we are at this invisible gate entering the last moon cycle of the year “the 13th moon in January”. 

With a heart full of gratitude and wisdom gathered from all the different aspects we have learned and shared in our walk on earth moment by moment, deep in ourselves we feel the Yes! We are ready to Be!

To enter this invisible gate it’s like entering the space between inhaling and exhaling, we need to enter the space that is nearer than near, closer than close. We give ourselves without a thought, without reservation or separation to this journey where we meet stillness and silence. This is the ground where all becomes, all is manifested and all returns. 

Here on this ground, we surrender. We rest in the unknown, we are carried by the wisdom winds of the 5 elements. A trust beyond thought is born, knowing that we are home and what will be revealed to us is who we really are.

Resting in silence and stillness is the key that opens the invisible gate of separation; here the wisdom pranas reveal their magic dance and all the infinite ways they manifest in the universe. Their unlimited, spontaneous, eternal nature is nakedly revealed. There is not two, all is happening simultaneously in the here and now!

In the here and now all is transmitted directly mind to mind in silence, giving birth to seeing clear, without words or thoughts the beauty of this pure knowing of perfection is revealed. This is a place where no words can touch. Words of freedom, peace, and love are sounds roaring in the wind like the wings of a butterfly near flowers or an eagle flying in the sky. 

The Gate is Here and Now. It is a gate to pass through for anyone that wants to see their true face,  for anyone who wants to be re-born in freedom, light, space, for anyone who is ready to move beyond the veils of the mind, and for anyone who after all that has been learned and gathered in our human walk, feels the gratitude and richness of all that has been given and finally only wants to Be!

I feel deep gratitude and feelings of great honour to be the one to write and share with you all about the wisdom of this last moon cycle. I have been guided to enter this gate-less gate in my search for truth by life, by my masters and the teachings I have humbly followed, all that is left of me is only Being and this life manifests only from here and now.

The Great Vision we see is pure Being. This is not the end nor a beginning, this is the continuation and celebration of the divine play called “Life”, may all enjoy the totality of this magnificent play.  

Within Love, Peace and Joy, Satya 

PS: I am so happy to pass the torch of wisdom for the next moon cycles of the next year to the “Song of God”, the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita



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About Satya Katiza

Katiza Satya is yogini met hart en ziel. Katiza is een zeer ervaren Registered Yoga Teacher bij de Yoga Alliance (ERYT500-RYT 500) en is bevoegd om leraren op te leiden op de 200- en 500-uur niveau’s.