The 13 lunar cycles: Walk Tall, Woman (Part 11 of 13)

by Patricia Veltri

The first time I heard the expression ‘She walks what she talks’ I was impressed by a powerful woman. She had so much integrity and coherence, she was so honest in the way she presented herself. With her, I understood the difference between being honest and carrying the truth. The truth has different aspects, can be seen from different perspectives. Be honest is to choose not to fake. Quite a strong statement nowadays when fake news and fake bodies are everywhere around us.

This month, I was invited to write about ‘The 13 Original Clan Mothers’ or ’Walk Tall Woman’. Again I was presented to a woman who walks her talks, who makes from her path and the way she moves through it a living example to others.

‘Walk Tall Woman’ chooses to let her actions speak for her intentions. With her I learned that when we walk our personal truth, we don’t need many words, nothing really needs to be explained, because the actions will speak louder than words. Words tell us WHAT to DO. Walking Tall Woman, being a living example teaches us HOW to BE.

When we walk with our truth we don’t carry fear with us, neither its opposite: hope. If there is a more appropriate way of doing things, instead of becoming afraid of changes or contradictions, we apply the innovations to find out if they support our walk.

The Eleven Clan Mother teaches us the value of Health because she knows that to be able to walk our path through Earth we need a body, a physical home. And like any other home, the body needs care and attention. Like any other house, the body is sacred and needs to be honoured with a proper attitude, proper food, adequate sleep and habits. Treating the body with care is not a luxury, is a primordial condition of existence. ​The body that plays the actions and walks the path has an instant honesty. It is not busy with the illusions that seduce the mind. It doesn’t fake and will tell us what we need, not what we want.

And when we caught ourselves being so busy running between appointments and laundry, deadlines and supermarket. When we full ourselves feeding the ambition to become a ‘super-human-doing’ instead of a ‘simple-human-being’, the body will remember us that we are loosing more than our balance. We are covering our humanity with the layer of disconnection and forgetting something very precious: to embrace inactivity and rest.

‘Walk Tall Human’ has a friend, the Mountain Lion.
He is there to protect her from covering her human needs with the mask of action.
He told her about the value of taking rest and going on retreat.
Like ‘Walk Tall Woman’ we all need support to realise the importance of slowing down. Because when we slow down and take rest, Truth catches up with us, uncovering our vulnerability.
It might take some time until we are strong enough to be vulnerable.
It might take even more time until we understand that being vulnerable is different from being weak.

The last lesson that ‘Walk Tall Woman’ taught me was to release the illusion of being a perfect example and not be afraid of showing my vulnerability to others.

Her teachings supported me to visit stillness every time it’s needed. And from there to illuminate my shades, my hidden fears as much as my strengths. To drop my armours and face my nakedness.

When we discover the healing power that comes along with taking a retreat, we finally allow ourselves to show our vulnerability to others. We start to trust others because we eventually learn to trust ourselves. Only then we can combine becoming a strong person and a vulnerable being. This day our feet start to walk a new path and truth can arrive in our heart.


‘I stand in your presence,
I hold my head up high,​
With my feet rooted in Mother Earth,
My arms embracing Father Sky.’

By Patricia Veltri

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Yoga maakt al heel lang deel uit van Patricia’s leven. Ze was negen jaar toen ze voor het eerst iemand yoga zag beoefenen. Dat was haar grootmoeder die, terug na een half jaar in een ashram in India, elke morgen yoga deed.