The 13 lunar cycles: Weaving the Web (Part 10 of 13)

by Tianjin Lawless-Jennings

The Woman of the Tenth Moon Cycle weaves the creative web of life. She shows us that 'Mothers' come in many different forms: Aunt, Godmother, Guru, Friend. She is the special woman that you turn to for guidance, to steer you from the path of destruction, showing you the way back onto the path of creating and manifesting your dreams... of birthing your true potential through your creativity. She is the Clan Mother we turn to when we are afraid of failure or lack of self-expression.

She teaches her children how to use their hands to create beauty and truth in tangible forms and shows them how to use crafts and art to create ideas and dreams in the physical world.

Weaves the Web Clan Mother reminds us that creativity is within us all. We are all born with it, and we need this creativity if we want to live our truth. She helps us express our creativity in a positive manner and use the energy available to us. She reminds us that we are the creators of our own web of experiences.

As I sit here writing this, I am also watching my two children play in our garden. I can’t help but admire their freedom of expression and imagination, and how wonderfully creative and playful they are. It made me wonder why as 'grown-ups' we tend to lose this childlike ability to be playful, to fully express our true selves, and be creative. We seem to get so busy, to have weaved our web so tight that we have no space for our creativity to flow.

Can you remember the last time you were lost in the creative process? What a feeling that is. There is magic in it!

Giving birth to our dreams is always accomplished by having the desire to create, deciding to create and taking the actions necessary by using the flow of life-force to give birth to the dream in the tangible world. Weaves the Web is the Clan Mother we turn to when we need the skills to make our dreams real. She shows us how to take the actions necessary to tap into our creativity and go with the flow.

The practice of Yoga comes instantly to mind and just shows us how prevalent and powerful our yoga practice is today. When we step on to our Yoga mat we are giving ourselves space and time to step away from the busyness, to quieten the mind, to release and let go in order to make space for creativity to flow. When we make space in our body and mind, we can start to tap into our creative source by pausing and listening in, which allows us to tune into our higher power, our true potential.

We live in a world where we are constantly being pulled out of ourselves and are often too busy to dream, and too busy to believe in ourselves and our creativity. We have forgotten our true untouchable innocence.
Weaves the Web encourages us to remember. And then teaches us how to weave the reality from our true self, always spontaneous and free, so that they become our creative threads of self-expression.




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About Tianjin Lawless-Jennings

Tianjin werd geboren in Sydney, Australië. Op 15-jarige leeftijd ging ze voor het eerst naar yogales, waar ze meteen een verbinding voelde met de practice.