The 13 lunar cycles: Weighs the truth (Part 3 of 13)

by Ingeborg Timmerman

She who sees the truth

The third moon of the year teaches us that truth has many different faces. We need to look at all sides of a situation to find out what is real and accept this truth although we may not like it. It teaches us that we can find our own personal truth by seeing and accepting the consequences of our actions and life experience. We need to look at what we can learn from our deeds.


Every being comes from a different perspective in life. Each of us is raised in different families from different countries, with different customs, different food and all kinds of different information to process. Some of us grew up feeling safe and loved, some without a home and maybe not enough to eat - not feeling safe enough to find our way to “earn” respect, safety, and love in our lives.


I noticed in my process, that for me, out of a survival mechanism I was very critical and judgmental to myself, until true wisdom taught me that when I thought I was “right” and righteous, I needed to be silent, to stay with my own emotions, my feelings and all the turmoil of sensations going on inside me. This process felt really uneasy. I wanted to run away while what I needed to do was to stay present and go through the uneasiness. I was learning the Truth first hand: to be with what is, and experience the consequences of all actions and what lies underneath.


Actually, what we can all learn in life is to trust and relax, knowing that everyone walks their own path. We need to really listen to what is being said by the other, to see what is present in front of us and not let it be colored by our own wishes and desires. This is the way that compassion is truly born. There are no secrets, all is inside of us, everyone has access to all the wisdom and truth of life. Everything that lives has a heart filled with love, longing, dreams, plans and a special medicine, which is our own gift to this world.


The connection between earth and the divine law. This teaches us to be brutally honest with ourselves and accept the power of our strengths and weaknesses, so we can destroy the illusion that is keeping us from reaching our full potential.


This way we can walk this earth in love. 


What is Truth teaching you?



Ingeborg Timmerman



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