The Yamas: Satya - Truthfulness

by Maarten van Huijstee

The Yamas: Satya - Truthfulness

I’ll be writing about the five Yamas, an integral part of the eightfold path of Yoga. The Yamas are seen as the natural laws of Yoga which apply broadly in life and include self-restraints in one's action, words and thoughts. We’ll be having a closer look at the second Yama “Satya” which translates to “Truthfulness”

In thinking about what to write about “Truth” I became silent, because what can you actually say or write about the Truth? It were in these silent moments that the voice of Jack Nicholson started coming in and out of my mind. So what did Jack or Colonel Jessup say in the classic movie “A Few Good Man”?

Tom Cruise: "I want to know the Truth"
Jack Nicholson: "You can not handle the Truth"

To be honest this is how I've felt from time to time on my journey in discovering myself. I wanted to know the Truth but I couldn't handle it. I couldn't handle the fact that there is no particular truth to be found and kept looking for it in knowledge, opinions and others outside myself. I now realise that there is Truth in everything and everyone and it is this insight, that I’ve tried to capture in the following verse. In writing this I've used the words of Lao Tzu, Patanjali, Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson and many others.


The Truth that can be told,
is not the eternal one.

The word which is expressed,
is in itself the split of unity.

The Truth doesn’t take sides,
it gives birth to both good and bad.

The Truthful don’t take sides.
They welcome both saints and sinners.

Do you want to know the Truth?
You can not handle the Truth.

You are the Truth.

Please don't read the above verse as something that holds any truth or needs understanding. Satya or truthfulness is a natural quality all human beings posses and have inside. See it merely as a pointer to look inwards and find the Truth inside yourself.

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