Upcoming 50-Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings in Amsterdam

by Delight Yoga

A yoga teacher training is an opportunity to dive deeper into your practice, gain deeper insights into the unique structures of your body and mind, explore yogic philosophy, and find confidence and empowerment in your daily life. Delight Yoga offers 50-hour trainings in different yogic traditions for you to expand your practice and experience personal growth. Read on to discover which of our trainings in 2021 and early 2022 is perfect for you.

Yoga Nidra & Healing the Inner Elements: A 50-Hour Training for Teachers

with Moena de Jong
Starting on 25 October 2021  

In this 50-hour training for yoga teachers, you will refine your knowledge on advanced skills in guiding your students during Yoga Nidra: the magical journey that expresses the art of relaxation and achieving a state of deeper awareness. 

Yoga Nidra (or Yogic sleep practice) means sleep with a trace of awareness. It is a state of mind between wakefulness and dream. During the practice of Nidra, our consciousness travels from one layer of consciousness to another. 

In this advanced training for teachers, you will explore the connection between the different stages of consciousness and the relationship with the 5 senses. Through moving between the several layers of the mind, we explore the characteristics of the 5 elements (connected with the 5 senses), and we will integrate each element into the Nidra practice.

You will learn how to integrate the 5 elements into a Yoga Nidra script, which is based on a specific order to dive into the sheets of the mind, where our awareness fluctuates from conscious, to the subconscious, to deeper conscious (the most subtle sheet where our higher awareness can be revealed).

The Art of Flow: Vinyasa Krama for Yoga Teachers (50-Hour Training)

with Fleur van Zonneveld & Moena de Jong
Starting on 20 November 2021

In this 50-hour training for yoga teachers, you will deepen your knowledge on Vinyasa and Vinyasa Krama while exploring the Art of Flow.

Rather than performing each asana as an independent pose, Vinyasa Krama mirrors the flowing energy of the universe, creating connections between the poses. Krama means the stages or steps within a Vinyasa sequence, based on the principle of progression over time. Vinyasa Krama uses variations of each asana to open the mind and body.

The Essentials of Yoga: Pre-Teacher Training (50-Hour)

with Satya Katiza & Kevin Sahaj
Starting on 27 November 2021

Delight Yoga is offering a unique opportunity to our students who wish to establish or deepen their personal home practice. We have designed a 50-Hour training for everyone interested in learning how to practice yoga in a balanced and intentional manner. This program also serves as a pre-teacher training for students that are planning to attend the Basic Teacher Training.

Not in Amsterdam? Join our next 50-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Online

Yoga & Mindfulness to Empower Emotional Wellbeing (50-Hour Training) - Online

with Kristin Vikjord
Starting on 21 January 2022

Would you like to boost your inner spark? Would you like to reduce stress or lockdown fatigue? Would you like to calm your mind and learn mindfulness fully?

We can’t change the circumstances we live in, but we can do something about how we deal with them. Would you like to increase your own well-being and feel more empowered in your life?

Every now and then, you can feel stuck in worrisome thought loops, negative emotional spirals, or continuous stress. In this training, Clinical Psychologist, yogini and Delight Yoga co-founder, Kristin Vikjord, will teach you the most efficient mindfulness tools and potent practices to:

  • Reduce chaotic thoughts and worries
  • Regulate stress activation and self-soothe
  • Cope with intense emotions

During this 50-hour training, you will not only learn to deepen your meditation practice, but you’ll also learn to establish a practice in moving meditation with purpose to tone vagus activation and strengthen your ability to self-regulate.