New Online Journey: Design Your Life with Erica Jago

by Delight Yoga

Let’s be honest, life can take the most unexpected turns. 

Despite our carefully planned visions of the future, a lot of us have had to adapt to whatever was thrown in our paths. More than ever, we need to step out of survival mode and take a moment to pause, reflect, integrate these changes, and find the fresh energy to move forward.

Erica’s gift to you is a 5-day journey (1 class a week)  based on practices from her latest book, Angelus. Expect a carefully crafted program with in-depth self-inquires, nourishing yoga classes, and insightful creative exercises coming your way!

Journey Overview

1. Friday March 26th - PAUSE
C R E A T E   A   M O M E N T
with this deeply restorative practice.

2. Friday April 2nd - REFLECT
S E L F   I N Q U I R Y
100 questions to look at what themes are alive for you. 

3. Friday April 9th - INTEGRATE
Y I N   Y O G A 
come to love it all. 

4. Friday April 16th - ENERGIZE 
V I N Y A S A   Y O G A
look to the future. 

5. Friday April 23rd​ - LOOK FORWARD
D E S I G N   Y O U R   L I F E  
know what you want in life.

Experience the journey here