My teacher training experience with Delight Yoga

by Dolores Mae Höppener

Now, I feel what it is to be a spiritual being having a human experience.
Now, I - and every particle in my body - know why I practice yoga on the mat.
Now, I really dare to choose to be the Light.
Now, I have the tools to stay Here.
Now, I operate with faith.

In the West we have the idea that we have to buy beautiful clothes to feel good, we feel a certain pressure to own a house (especially when we reach our mid-thirties), we book vacations to un-stress and we think we have to make a world trip to find what we want to do in life. We want this, not that; believe this, not that. We go after that what we think brings us pleasure, comfort, wealth and fame, and try to escape from pain, shame and discomfort. We want an experience different from the one we are having, or we want to hold on to an experience and avoid the inevitable changes that will lead to its cessation.

When I become aware of these kinds of habits and patterns, I found it funny that we think like this and simultaneously I felt a lightness of it; acceptance, as with this awareness, I see it’s just a pattern that makes us believe this and act upon it; it’s not who I am. Only being aware of this, doesn’t mean you can change this ;). Haha, I am sure you experience this too. It’s way more easy to spend money on drinks with friends, a nice couch and a month long vacation than spending a big amount of money (at once) on a program that gives you the tools to reveal who you really are and stay connected with that. Even when we already practice yoga for a long time it’s difficult. And that is a pity, cause a program like that is a gift for the one that you really are and the house that You really live in; your actual home; your body.

As Marianne Williamson, writer of ‘A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of "A Course in Miracles”' beautifully said; “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?” I felt this a lot and it came to an ultimatum when I signed up for the Summer Intensive Teacher Training. Something in me didn’t want to go; I came up with so many excuses not to go. I even didn’t make my homework and then I talked myself into not wanting to go because I was not prepared well. Hahaha.

How could I not want to spend 3 weeks for myself?

With no sounds of a device
No distractions from a screen
Just nature to be seen
The pureness of the Self
The calmness that will dwell
Using our senses for within
A lot of eyes but only towards the skin
So we can see clearly
What's is hidden
And bring that to the surface
Transforming patterns
Freeing habits
Just those that do not benefit us
And feel our inner wisdom
Our greatness and divinity
To get familiar
To our real being

I’m very happy and thankful that I attended the training; that I allowed myself to take the time to that what is really important: to that what I have to do in live: be present, connect with who I really am. As Satya shared during the training: “Your practice is your work, when you do your work, the rest is just play.” — Satya. Or in other words: “Practice and all is coming.” — Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

Due to this 3-week intensive training (yes, it was intensive but I loved every bit of it) I understand why practicing asana and pranayama make it possible for us spiritual beings, living as humans, to make the choices that really benefit us. I liked doing yoga a lot but asana was just a small part of my 2-hour morning practice. Now I understanding how it really purifies my system. And by that, how it can make it easier to change my habits.“Even though human birth is considered the greatest of good fortune because humans have the chance to hear and practice the teachings, only a tiny minority of us ever find our way to, and avail ourselves of, this great opportunity.” — Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

I honor that I had the opportunity to be guided by two living examples who have the courage and self-discipline to transmit what yoga really is. As it’s only from that what we have integrated, that we can share. And they have shared so much! From the intelligence of our body (letting us feel how we can move our body by attention instead of muscle power), to opening the doors to experience a deep connection with yourself; letting us feel that the glory of God, the Light, the Source is within all of us and that it’s here to spread.

Every week was a building block for the next week; every day was a building block for the next day; every morning-class was a building block for the afternoon session. Three wonderful intense weeks in the beautiful and loving space Mandali where we were nurtured by the smiles of the staff. It’s has been wonderful to have 3 weeks of learning, deepening and integrating yoga and its sister science Ayurveda.

It goes beyond pleasure. Beyond understanding. Beyond recharging yourself.
It’s meeting your Self deeply and removing obstacles that make you ignorant to that what you really are.
It’s embracing your fears.
It’s letting the sound of your breath be louder than your thoughts.
It’s learning to dedicate yourself to something that is bigger than you are.

Every day, I find myself thanking all guru’s and deities - and all experiences - in the past, present and future who guide me and show it’s possible to liberate us from suffering.

I dedicate myself to inner peace, and to bring the unseen to the seen - that what is more real than the five senses can ever produce.

With humbleness and faith,

Ohm ॐ

Shanti Shanti Shanti




More student testimonials of the yoga teacher training


You only truly know what it is, once you experience it.” — Shirley


“The one who lived it will understand. I am back to the world after 3 weeks offline, noble silence and diving inwards. 3 weeks of the intense Ashtanga training are over and it has been an amazing mind-opening experience. I feel like I had gone through a mini-spiritual awakening - complete surrender to everything - meeting everything inside me - my devils, biggest fears, conceptual mind, ego but also a big heart, love and kindness and contentment. Back to basics, learning walking and breathing again, connecting to every tissue of the body, feeling every sensation and staying aware in every single moment, feeling light and grounded at the same time. I am endlessly grateful for having had the opportunity to experience all of it, having met beautiful supportive people and finally having found those guides who will light me.” — Anastasia


"Everyday I connected with the Truth more. This gave me the courage to listen to my heart. I have trust now and from that all will come…" — Kim


"These were the best 3 weeks of my life. An undoing, peeling off the unnecessary layers. Finding my true spiritual teachers Satya and Sahaj. Feeling so held and supported by such a beautiful community. Returning to my heart over and over, staying closer than ever to my true self." -  Willanny


"It was incredible, transformative and rich. Satya and Sahaj shared their knowledge so humble, conscientiously and powerfull. Every detail was so thoughtful. Most importantly, I genuinely felt in love and care they have for yoga. If there was one definitive teacher training one could take in the world, it would have to be this"  - Jiahui



About Dolores Mae Höppener

What brought you to Delight? “Awareness ;-). Haha, ironically, I think it was the practice of yoga that brought me to Delight (the light ;)). At a certain moment, I didn't want to (almost couldn't) put my effort in something that - to me - was not benefiting the world. Just a few days after this strong feeling, I bumped into Maarten. From the first moment, it felt good to start working together. I joined the team by working for Delight Agency from there I grew with the organisation.