The Light within

by Satya Katiza

The Light Within


We are the very source of all what we are searching for; healing, happiness, peacefulness, freedom or perfection, but it is so easy to be missed. Even when we try to point towards it is already too far, because you can't point to that which is already here, and what you really are. 

Now winter is coming, it reminds us to go within. When the outer light is less and less and everything in nature is invited to rest, the silence that comes with the winter season is its natural state. But sadly in these times, we are not available to hear the whisper of winter wisdom. The noise of our own minds and the endless outer distractions have no natural seasons. We cannot tune into the natural harmony needed to re-align, re-connect and re-charge us with that inner light that's always present in us.

The word spirit means inner light, the source of everything that exists. When we don't recognize that inner light, it is like believing in shadows and taking them for real, life becomes a one-dimensional projection and we are missing the depth that gives us the true ground of existence and purpose.

The propose of all wisdom spiritual teachings is to train the mind in such a way that after the mind knows how to navigate outwardly in the world, it is then to be used as an instrument to recognize the source of life itself. That source is what we really are; pure awareness, pure consciousness and pure Light. Recognizing who we really give us the ultimate rest and sense that all that is, is perfect as it is. We can relax and fully enjoy this wonderful journey called Life.

This seems so easy but will demand of us to stop being disconnected to our nature and to all nature around us. We need to listen again and go with the seasons, internally and externally.

This is especially an invitation to all Women to come back to honour her seasons of moon cycles Because in one month she moves through all the 4 seasons.

Alleluia! She is the beholder of Wisdom, Light and Life.

May the Inner Lights shine in all human beings everywhere like living Christmas trees!

Namaste Satya

About Satya Katiza

Katiza Satya is yogini met hart en ziel. Katiza is een zeer ervaren Registered Yoga Teacher bij de Yoga Alliance (ERYT500-RYT 500) en is bevoegd om leraren op te leiden op de 200- en 500-uur niveau’s.