Why take rest on Moondays?

by Delight Yoga

On moon days we can recognize and through this recognizing, honor the natural rhythms of nature. Because if anything, nature teaches us that only change is constant.

Both the new moon and the full moon create energetic experiences within us. Because of this, we see these days as yoga holidays in Astanga Yoga tradition.

Lunar phases are determined by the relative position to the sun. Whenever these get in opposition to each other, we will see the full moon. New moons occur when they are in conjunction at the line of the sun. They affect us in the mental, physical and energetic body just like these Moondays affects nature itself. Nature is affected by these changes of the moon in the tide of the sea and as our bodies are made of mere water, we feel these fluctuations as well.

You can feel unbalanced or not well grounded on full moon days, as this energy is an expansive, upward moving energy. Normally we tend to feel more headstrong on these days. On new moon days, we will experience a more calm and grounded state of energy, even though we can feel a more dense and disinclined force in our physical activities.

During these days, try not to fight the feelings. Be like the moon. It doesn’t fight. It doesn’t worry. It is just there. Just as we watch the moon grow in fullness, watch yourself with loving kindness. Nature is our greatest teacher. Yet sometimes we tend to ignore the lessons she is trying to teach us. There is a great value in relaxing and dropping down for a moment.

Feel the Moon. Reconnect with Nature. Nurture your Soul.

On Moondays, we allow for a day of rest from our Mysore Practice. We offer several alternative classes on these dates. Check out the schedule for more information.