Midden in het centrum van Amsterdam en Den Haag ben je van harte welkom bij Delight Yoga.

Op alle locaties in Amsterdam en Den Haag hangt een rustgevende persoonlijke sfeer. Een combinatie van mooie studio’s en sfeervolle tearooms om na de lessen van te genieten.

Before you contact us, maybe you can find your answer here?

About booking classes

To make sure you have a spot in a class, we advise you to book a class in advance through our class schedule.

To book a class, simply go to the schedule on the website and click Book Now. It’s as simple as that. Classes are available for online booking from 7 days up to 30 minutes prior to the class start time.

Your reserved spot is valid until 5 minutes before the class starts. If you are not at the reception at that point, your reservation will be canceled without a refund. We'll assume you are not able to make it, so if there’s other students waiting, we’ll give your spot away.

At Delight Yoga, we offer four main styles of yoga: astanga, yin, hatha and vinyasa. On the schedule you will also find styles that are derived from these main styles or that are a combination of styles.

Here are a few ways to figure out what style suits your needs and wishes:

- Try our style chooser: By answering a few questions, we can recommend you a style, so you will end up in a class that is right for you. You can find it here.

- Read the information we send out to students with an Introduction Card, it gives a nice overview of the styles, with links to short videos that describe the styles. You can find it here.

- Just experience the difference between styles by just trying them. Our Introduction Card is the ideal pricing option to try several different styles.

If you can’t make it to your scheduled class, we kindly ask you to cancel it online. Simply go to My Delight, click on 'Schedule' and use the ‘Cancel’ button. You can cancel your class for free until 6 hours before the class starts. After that, the class will be charged to your account. For full information please check our Terms & Conditions on our website.

If you have a Delight Membership, then you can have a “late cancellation” or “no show” for 3 times a month. In case this happens more often, your possibility for online booking won’t be available to you for the period of one month. In that case you can still use one of the 3 walk-in spots that are available for every class.

About our pricing

- If you are new at Delight Yoga: try one of our introduction offers like the Introduction Card, or the Introduction to Yoga Program

- If you are planning on coming once a week, you are best off with a Delight Card (10 classes or 20 classes).

- If you are planning on coming more than once a week, we advise you to consider a Membership so you can enjoy unlimited yoga.

- If you are flexible with your time, you might want to consider the Off-Peak membership so you can practice during the day between 09:00h and 17:30h, and come to Special Classes outside the off-peak hours.


A membership starts on the first day of the month. If you want to start your practice today already, sign-up for a membership starting the first of the next month, and stop by one of our studio's so our lovely hosts can help you find a way to practice in the meantime. Unfortunately, it is not possible to take care of this online. 

Just sign up for the new membership on our website, and when we receive your request we will know it is about a change and we will process it for you.

Oh yes we do! You can pick one up in our studio’s :-) Just stop by and we’ll help you with this. You can choose the amount yourself and we will hand you a nicely designed gift card in an envelope, ready to be handed to your loved one. 

Unfortunately, gift cards can not be bought online. 

You can get the 10% discount in the studio when you show the host your student card. It is not possible to get this discount on our website.

All our products are personal, so it is not possible to transfer credits to your friend. Your friend can create an account on our website and buy a single class or use one of our offers for new students, like the Introduction Card. 

Yes, you can book for more persons than one, but you will need to create a separate account for them. All bookings are personal, so we need an account per student that comes to class or a workshop.

Just book with you own account first, and then log out of the website to create a new account and do the second booking.

About my physique

To avoid poor digestion, it’s highly recommended not to eat 2 hours prior to yoga practice. If you are very hungry, have something light, such as a fruit. As a rule: never practice yoga if you are too hungry, or too full. It’s also highly recommended to not drink within 30 minutes before, or during yoga practice. Furthermore it’s recommended to wait 30-45 before eating and drinking after yoga, to allow your mind and body to assimilate relaxation or shavasana.

If you can, have a refreshing shower before yoga, or wash your hands, feet and face. It’s not advisable to smoke before yoga. After practice, leave the sweat on your body so that the skin can re-absorb the eliminated hormones and minerals.

Respect the cycle of the body, and take it easy during your period. During the first days of menstruation avoid intense practice and especially inverse postures such as head- and shoulder stand. Also avoid intense belly movements such as in navasana (the boat) as well as strong backward bends and twists. Let the teacher know, and you will be given adapted postures.

Please let the teacher know if you have any injuries, pains or if you have had surgery that may be relevant to yoga practice. This could be anything: knee pain, back problems, high blood pressure or other complaints.

We recommend our students not do yoga in the first trimester, and just to attend the Prenatal classes after the 3rd month. We give pregnancy yoga weekly, you can find them on our schedule.

Before entering the class, please always tell the instructor that you are pregnant or have just given birth, so that he/she can show you custom poses where needed.

Remember that it is your yoga practice and your body. Be patient and be mindful. Differentiate between ambition and enthusiasm. Meet your ambitions with calmness, curiosity and observation. Don’t push yourself too hard when pressing your body into postures. Listen to your body and get to know your own limits – respect yourself. Keep focusing on the essence of yoga practice: breathing and awareness.

If you feel nauseous, have a headache or other complaints after yoga, it can be due to a variety of factors. Yoga postures or asanas stimulate many systems of the body, and elicit many processes, as for example, the elimination of toxins. When these toxins circulate through the body, you may experience physical effects. Other causes for feeling uncomfortable may be mental. Speak with the teacher for advice and guidance. It’s not abnormal to be emotional during or after yoga (sorrow, joy, anger, bliss, etc.). Observe arising and passing emotions and… breathe!

About our studios

We provide yoga mats and pillows to use during classes, but you are welcome to bring your own mat. It may also be useful to bring a towel and a blanket or shawl (for meditation and relaxation).

Are you looking for a new mat? Yoga mats can be purchased in our Delight Yoga shop. New members receive a 10% discount on a yoga mat in their first month!

No, we do not have lockers in our studios, but we do have a lot trust :-)

Wear clean and comfortable clothes made of natural fibers, or clothing that was designed for physical activity. Practice yoga barefoot and remove jewellery and watches. We provide yoga mats and pillows to use during classes, but you are welcome to bring your own mat. It may also be useful to bring a towel and a blanket or shawl (for meditation and relaxation).

Be ready to sweat in a more dynamic class such as Astanga and Vinyasa. Yin and Hatha (Restorative) classes are slower paced. Yoga is practiced barefoot, but it might be nice to bring warm socks and a shawl to a Yin or Meditation class.

Please avoid wearing perfume during yoga practice, to help your breathing and as a courtesy to fellow students. We use incense in the studio to cleanse the air and steady the energy in the room.

And please respect the silence in the yoga room. When you enter the room, simply find yourself a mat and lie down in relaxation, so as to calm your mind and body before yoga. In order to ensure nice and quiet starts of classes, we kindly ask you to be present 10 minutes before the class commences.

Finally, please leave everything that you do not use during the yoga class (phone, bags, etc). in the dressing rooms. 

In all studios, except for our studio at the Weteringschans, we offer showers in the dressing rooms so you can freshen up after class.

Have a look at the Locations page to learn more about our locations and the studios. You can find that page here:


Weteringschans 53

1017 RW Amsterdam

Phone: +31204281091

Hier is het allemaal begonnen, onze eerste yogastudio op de Weteringschans, net ten zuiden van het Centrum. Op deze locaties zijn twee grote studio’s en een kleinere ruimte voor healings, massages en consultaties. Dit is onze enige studio zonder douches.

Nieuwe Achtergracht

Nieuwe Achtergracht 11-13

1018 XV Amsterdam

Phone: +31202210671

Onze studio op de Nieuwe Achtergracht vind je net ten oosten van het Centrum. Deze studio heeft een grote ruimte en nog een aantal kleinere ruimtes die zeer geschikt zijn voor healings, massages en consultaties. In deze studio staan comfortabele stoelen en banken om even te relaxen voor of na je les, terwijl je geniet van je thee of een ontbijtje.

De Clercqstraat

De Clercqstraat 66-68

1052 NJ Amsterdam

Phone: +31204125318

De studio op de Clercqstraat is in Amsterdam West, ook vlakbij het Centrum. Op deze locaties zijn twee studio’s, een grotere en een kleinere. Ook is er een mooie massageruimte waar je genieten van een heerlijke massage. Verder kan je hier ook genieten van een lekker ontbijtje na je les. 


Scheveningseweg 14

2517 KT Den Haag

Phone: +31707370750

Onze eerste yogastudio in Den Haag. Deze ruime studio is prachtig gelegen tegenover het Vredespaleis. De prachtig ontworpen studio biedt drie yoga studio’s en een ruimte om even te ontspannen met een kop koffie of een ontbijtje, of allebei.

Prinseneiland (Haarlemmerplein)

Prinseneiland 20G

1013 LR Amsterdam

Phone: +31207373061

Dit is onze vierde en meest recente studio in Amsterdam, op het prachtige, stille Prinseneiland op twee minuten loopafstand van het Haarlemmerplein. De perfecte plek om tot jezelf te komen en innerlijke rust te vinden. De grote yogaruimte boven heeft een koepelvormig dak. Door de grote ramen heb je een schitterend uitzicht over de grachten en het haventje. Beneden vind je de receptie, tearoom, een kleinere yogaruimte en twee kleedkamers.