Health declaration

Delight Spring Detox

You are about to register for a detox program, which is offered by Delight Yoga but will be primarily done by you alone at home. While we believe in the benefits of cleansing & detoxing and have put years of personal experience and specialized skills into creating a simple but effective format for this detox program, we are not a medical institution and we therefore cannot guarantee that this program is suitable for you.

Do you suffer of any diseases, chronic or acute ailments? Do you have any mental/emotional health record?
Do you use any medications? Are you currently treated by a specialist or doctor?
If so, we ask you to consult with your GP before registering for this program.

  • We assume you are in good health and will be able to enter this detox program in a responsible way. If you have any doubt about your health or condition please ask your GP for advise. Feel free to contact us to discuss any issue you might have.
  • When you have medical issues or are taking medications, please check with your GP if it won’t be a problem for you to enter this detox. Talk to us after your have discussed this with your GP, so we can best advise you on how to proceed.
  • We will do all we can to guide you through this detox in a responsible and considerate way. We have the knowledge and experience to lead yoga detox programs successfully but we are not a medical clinic. Knowing this you relieve us from any responsibility. Your participation is at your own risk.