Overzicht 2016 - 2017

Retreat - Energy in Balance

Energy in Balance

Met Chantal Soeters

Begint op 06 January 2017

This weekend is a great opportunity to recharge after the holiday season. During the weekend you will get loads of new energy and insights on how to lead a more calm and balanced life.

Domburg, Zeeland

Retreat - Discover Yoga & Ayurveda

Discover Yoga & Ayurveda

Met Victoria (Tory) Hyndman

Begint op 03 March 2017

Tory Hyndman will share her knowledge about yoga and Ayurveda during this retreat. According to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian wisdom of life, we need to live in accordance with the rhythm of the seasons.

Domburg, Zeeland

Retreat - Yin Yang Yoga & Thai Massage Weekend

Yin Yang Yoga & Thai Massage Weekend

Met Michiel Kaemingk

Begint op 07 April 2017

Join Michiel on this Yin Yang Yoga & Thai massage weekend retreat. Michiel combines his passion for bodywork and yoga to help you create a deeper connection with yourself, your body and the people around you.

Domburg, Zeeland

Retreat - Empowered Pregnancy Yoga Weekend

Empowered Pregnancy Yoga Weekend

Met Tianjin Lawless-Jennings

Begint op 05 May 2017

Tianjin Lawless-Jennings is a yoga teacher who has further specialised in prenatal and postnatal yoga. She is also a student of Ayurveda and will bring this wisdom into this wonderful weekend of rejuvenation and much needed time-out for pregnant women.

Domburg, Zeeland

Retreat - Moving into Stilness

Moving into Stilness

Met Arianne de Vos Burchart

Begint op 29 September 2017

Join this beautiful weekend with Arianne to experience, explore, relax and restore your inner landscapes in various ways. During this weekend retreat you will be handed tools to dive into the beautiful, profound practice of self care.

Domburg, Zeeland

Retreat - Immerse Yourself into the Full Experience of Yoga

Immerse Yourself into the Full Experience of Yoga

Met Miluse van de Kant

Begint op 27 October 2017

The practice of physical Asana accompanied by Pranayama (breathing techniques) is a perfect preparation for meditation. The purpose of yoga Asana and Pranayama is to prepare the body and mind to sit for meditation.

Domburg, Zeeland

Retreat - Rebalancing your Energy Body

Rebalancing your Energy Body

Met Daphne Luttger

Begint op 17 November 2017

The theme of this weekend is balance. Yin and Yang are two opposing forces that balance each other and are inextricably linked. In the mornings Daphne will teach a Yang/Yin class and evenings classes are exclusively Yin. By holding Yin poses for longer (± 5 min) we can stimulate the energy body.

Domburg, Zeeland