Special classes

More information about the special classes in our studios

Yoga has many more qualities than just the physical practice on the mat (asana).
There are so many ways to feel connected, energised and union.

To inspire you to explore other practices besides the Asana practice we offer Special Classes.

Special Class - Mariette de Kroon

LU JONG Tibetan Healing Yoga

Met Mariette de Kroon

Multiple dates

Lu Jong Tibetan Yoga is a practice for health and happiness: effective, playful, gentle and powerful at the same time. Lu Jong is rooted in the diamond teachings of Tibet & in Tibetan Medicine and contains amazing wisdom of how body, mind and natural cycles work together.


Special Class - Doctor Vijith Sasidhar

Ayurvedic Talk: Heal yourself by knowing your Self

Met Doctor Vijith Sasidhar

04 April 2018

When we look back to the history of Humanity, epidemics and fatal infectious diseases were the main threats to life in the beginning of 20th century. But today Human life is again under the threat of a new generation of diseases called lifestyle disorders in the 21st century.


Special Class - Various Teachers

Women's Circle: living real sisterhood

Met Various Teachers

Multiple dates

We are happy to open the doors in a more consistent way to something that has been knocking at the door of Delight Yoga for a while: offering a sacred space and sharing time to the fact that we are so many women practicing Yoga and finding a way to live consciously and making a difference in our realities and the world we are in.


Special Class - Ilanit de Wilde

Osho meditation

Met Ilanit de Wilde

16 February 2018

In order to live a more fulfilled life, you will want to get to know your full potential, your true Self. Meditation is the route to that knowing. It is the methodology of the science of awareness. The beauty of the inner science is that it enables whoever wants to explore and to experiment within, to do so alone.


Special Class - Emanuelle Vos

Intuitive Dancing

Met Emanuelle Vos

24 February 2018

Do you love dancing? Like, really dancing! 2-hours of letting your body move freely.... Sounds good? Then we have something for you: Intuitive Dancing!  This evening is all about dancing. Yes, just dancing. No talking, no shoes, no alcohol. Emanuelle Vos will share her passion (and good taste!) for music in a 2-hour gig. Different from what she does in clubs: during this evening the music is tuned to gently move your body from softness into a more ecstatic state and everything in between!  We’ve witnessed Emanuelle doing her thing at the Inner Peace Conference last year, it was such a success, so we’ve now invited her to our studio on Prinseneiland. We invite you to explore a new way of dancing in town.  ✨ SATURDAY EVE  FIRST UP: 24 FEB 2018 20.15 - 22.15 REGULAR CLASS PRICE  ✨ Come to feel the music and let your body do the dancing!  Book your spot through the normal schedule And join our Facebook event, click here!