Introduction to Tantrayana and Tibetan Yoga

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Introduction to Tantrayana and Tibetan Yoga

Met Mariette de Kroon

Tantrayana offers powerful direct methods and teaches us how to be happy ourselves, and then to automatically help others.


Tantrayana is also called “Vajrayana”, the Diamond Vehicle. The reason is that through its practices we transform our body, speech, and mind to be like a diamond - strong, clear, and indestructible. Tantrayana is so special because of the deep teachings of the subtle body - channels, wind, and essence.

What you will learn:

In these diamond teachings, we see our body as a temple and as a vehicle for change. By opening our body in a special way we also find our natural peace of mind. Energy can be purified and emotions can be transformed. We can use our experiences, problems, and concepts to go beyond.


This special class is an introduction to Tantrayana and an experience of Tibetan Yoga.


Join Mariette on October 18th from 19:30 - 21:00 at our Scheveningseweg studio. This class is bookable through our regular schedule.