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Ayurveda & Yoga: Balance Your Health For Fall


Did you know that the change of season has an immediate impact on your well-being and health? Ayurveda provides us with clear guidelines on how to live according to the seasons and cycles of nature to stay fit and healthy. In this workshop, we will focus on preparing our body, mind and spirit for this change of season so you will feel more balanced and grounded. 

Fall is a time of transition. After the summer has subsided this transition is also clearly visible in nature. The trees are starting to lose their leaves to prepare for wintertime. Temperatures are dropping and the wind is gathering strength, bringing drying and cooling qualities along with it. These turbulent outer winds will also affect our inner winds, sometimes leaving us feeling ungrounded and unstable. Therefore, the Fall season is the time to take extra care of our vital life force and to prepare ourselves for the upcoming wintertime. 

We will start with a general introduction to Ayurveda’s view on living in harmony with nature. Then we will zoom in on the Fall season in a very practical way: 

  • What lifestyle changes can you make in the Fall season in order to stay fit?
  • How can you adjust your nutrition in Fall to your needs?
  • How can you use daily self-massage (Abhyanga) in this season?
  • How can you support your mind, body and soul in order to maintain your health and energy during Fall?
  • Do a slow, calming and grounding yoga practice to balance yourself from the seasonal influences.


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