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Ayurveda : The Art of Mindful Eating

Met Liese van Dam

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New to Ayurveda?

This workshop about Ayurveda & the Art of mindful eating is the perfect way to begin (or reawaken) your Ayurvedic practice.
Making the right food choices has everything to do with mindfulness and self-respect. Our bodies are remarkable systems with an innate intelligence for healing and maintaining balance.

Bringing mindfulness into your eating habits improves your relationship with food. The better your relationship with food, the greater the chances are for having a healthy, balanced body and mind. Learn the Ayurvedic principles around eating to help you integrate these important habits in a simple way in your everyday life.

During this 3 hour session you will learn how eating mindfully can be beneficial for your physical, emotional and mental body.
This powerful program is designed to introduce students to Ayurveda, creating peace and harmony in the body and mind and improving your overall health and wellbeing.

What you will learn during this Introduction workshop:

  • Introduction to the basic principles of Ayurveda
  • How to apply Ayurveda in your diet 
  • How to create mindful eating habits
  • Practical tips on how to integrate healthy Ayurvedic habits into your daily life An introduction to the Ayurveda path we offer at Delight Academy, giving you an opportunity to experience and practice the basics of Ayurveda in the workshop itself

This Introduction to Ayurveda workshop is a slow paced, informative class, designed to delve yourself into the world of Ayurveda based on the ancient knowledge and traditions, preparing you for the other Ayurvedic courses within Delight, such as the Nutrition Courses I (60 hours) & II (30 hrs), Foundation on Ayurveda (50hrs), Ayurvedic Massage (3 days), Ayurvedic Living for Health & Happiness (3 days)


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