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Birth Circle for an Active Birth

Met Pascale Bonnet

This circle will be an opportunity for pregnant women to experience the intimacy and empowerment of sharing their process with other women, in a safe and gentle environment.


Pascale will take you into the journey of giving birth according to how nature intended it. Participants will get tools, practices and knowledge that will help them allow instinct and intuition to guide them, thus enabling to become more aware of the physiological needs of their own body and ultimately allowing the process of birth to unfold naturally, with confidence and trust.

Topics that will be practiced and discussed during the 4-hour workshop:

  • Physiological birth rehearsal through visualization
  • Making contact with the baby
  • Exploring breathing techniques & vocalization
  • Movements and positions to facilitate the first stage
  • Perineum and pelvic release exercise
  • Supported positions for the second stage
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques for coping with strong sensations
  • Passive & active bearing

There will be an opening and a closing and space for questions and sharing. 

This workshop is suitable for all women from their 24th week of pregnacy. 

Pascale is a doula, massage therapist and yoga instructor, specialized in the prenatal and postpartum periods of a woman's life. 
She has extensive training in meditation, psychology and breath work. She is the mother of two grown up children, born at home, who are her life inspiration. 

Datum / Tijd




15 December 2019, 13:30 - 17:30


Pascale Bonnet

€ 40



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