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Clear Your Head - Massage Workshop

Met Amanda Dries

This workshop has taken place already, please visit our Workshop Page for a more recent offering of workshops and trainings.

Discover the power of touch by learning how to massage face, neck and shoulders with active organic herbal oils for your constitution. Learn some basic principles about the seven layers of skin and their relationship to the tissues, and how this can help you detoxify and replace the nutrient level of your complexion. The skin needs nutrition, moisture and oxygen to be healthy. 
Ayurvedic oiliation can be done daily as a health practice. Applying oil to the skin balances the bodies energy channels to accelerate healing. When we stimulate and massage the skin, we nourish the the tissues. The practice helps us release stored toxins, stimulate cellular metabolism, and promote circulation.
In this workshop you will learn to practice massage on each other, so that you can take this experience home with you to offer to your family and friends. Amanda will be using Kama Ayurveda products - which are of very high quality and purely ayurvedic.
About Amanda: after meeting her Guru Yogi Shivan through colleague and practitioner Tory Hyndman, Amanda became inspired to study Ayurveda and is so thankful for their guidance in this direction. She studied at the Academy of Ayurvedic Studies from 2010 - 2015 to become an Ayurvedic practitioner. Ayurveda was everything she had been looking for. It came into her life like it was meant to be and she is passionate to pass on her knowledge to others.


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