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Exploring Yin: Deepening Workshops - Online

Met Jonas Nathan

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you want to know more about Yin Yoga and deepen your practice? What is the purpose of this practice and why do we hold the poses for so long? How can I adjust my practice most effectively for my body? And how do we feel so relaxed after a practice?

A series of workshops guided by Jonas where we will dive into the ‘what, how, and why of Yin Yoga’. Each workshop contains practice and theory, covering the different aspects of Yin Yoga. You will gain tools so that you can skillfully adapt your practice to your needs. These insights on what is happening in your practice, allows you to tap into the innate wisdom of your body.

8 July  - The Physical Body and Yin

In this first workshop, we will be working on the physical aspect of the practice. How do these long-held stretches target the deeper layers of connective tissue (fascia). Fascia is literally everywhere in the body and it connects and communicates information and energy. After this first workshop, you will see why this fascia is so important in a yin practice and how this affects your emotional and mental wellbeing.

15 July - The Functional Approach

In this second workshop, we will discuss the basics of the ‘functional approach’. With yin yoga, we are not focused on how the pose looks, but rather on how it feels. Often we need to adapt or adjust the pose to feel the right stretch. The same pose can look totally different on your body than on another body. You will get an understanding of this approach so you can find more depth in your practice.

22 July - The Six Archetypal Poses
This third workshop will cover the six archetypal Yin Yoga poses. Nearly every pose will fit into one of these six categories. Every archetype targets a different part of your body (target area). We'll discuss the most important target areas of your body. When you start to learn about these archetypes, it makes it a lot easier to create a practice that is most effective for your body.

29 July - The Benefits of Yin 

This last workshop will be about why Yin Yoga is practiced and what benefits we gain from it. Even after practicing only a few poses, you can feel the changes happening in your body and mind.  After practice, you leave your mat with a calm and content feeling. All the external stress factors are still there, but something within you has changed. We will discuss the chi and rebound and how it allows us to shift into our being.

Extra information

Please have the following items and props ready at home:
- Yoga mat
- Meditation Cushion (if you do not have one you can use a couch pillow)
- Blanket
- Blocks (if you do not have these you can use a thick book)


Online format

In the online format, the teacher will guide you through the online application ‘Zoom’. Zoom is a live streaming platform with many interactive features - it provides a shared space for students, teachers, and assistants. Delight Yoga has been using Zoom to organise live-streamed classes, workshops, and training days and we have had very positive experiences with it. 


Zoom allows you to participate in the training from home, but you can ask questions and connect with teachers and other students as if you were in the same physical location. 


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Over Jonas Nathan

Jonas was born in Australia and was traveling in Asia until he was five years old. Living in countries like Nepal and living with the people, he found a spiritual connection early in his life. Being an open and playful kid, growing up his energy started to feel ungrounded..

A note on Wellbeing - Creating a safe and sacred space

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