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Meditation Course: The Fundamentals - Online

Met Davide Piai

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Presence—the ability to engage fully in the moment—is a skill that everyone needs. But in a world of packed agendas, constantly pinging smartphones and computer alerts, we can all too easily get distracted. As a result, we end up stressed and feeling like we never really engage fully with anything or anyone. The key to presence is the ability to authentically just be in our surroundings, with the people around us, and, most importantly, with ourselves. We are all born with this natural capacity, so we just need to uncover and re-discover it, which we will explore through this experiential meditation course. 

In this course, you will:

  • Discover the purpose of meditation: what meditation is and what it is not 
  • Understand how meditation works from a scientific and neurobiological perspective
  • Learn how to engage the body’s natural relaxation response in response to stress
  • Master all the fundamental principles you need to be able to practice meditation, in all kinds of circumstances
  • Start to cultivate a different relationship to your thoughts 
  • Develop a deeper understanding of your mind and come more into contact with your true self
  • Gain the confidence to practice meditation on your own in all kinds of different circumstances 
  • Be supported in establishing a meditation habit by setting up your own personal habit loop drawing on the recent research from the field of behavioral psychology

The course will run for five weeks and it includes:

  • The actual weekly class offering an opportunity to learn new aspects of the meditation practice, time to practice together as a group, as well as space to share experiences and ask questions.
  • A suggested practice program for the week in-between the classes
  • Access to guided meditations on audio
  • Practical tips, resources, and advice for integrating the practice into your daily life.

Previous students have found that the interaction and connections they make with their fellow meditators in the courses is incredibly rich, and also that having a practice focus for the week helps bring the benefits of the practice into their everyday experience, including their other yoga classes!
The course will be intimate in size (max 12 people) so there will be lots of opportunity for personal attention in a warm, gentle, open and safe atmosphere infused with the spirit of self-compassion.

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Over Davide Piai

Davide studied contemplative practices for 20 years, spending five years at a traditional Buddhist philosophy college in Nepal as well as time in long practice retreats.

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