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The Pranayama Journey


Typically, we only use 30 percent of our full breathing potential. Because our breath is connected to prana (or life-force), this results in a continuous lack of energy. Additionally, 70 percent of our detox processes happen through our breath.

This workshop is an active meditation, that applies different movement, breathing, and pranayama techniques to enhance the flow of energy or prana in your body. You will learn the nature of Kundalini (a sacred energy coiled at the base of the spine), and experience the flow of this primal energy through the various energetic centers (or chakras). One of Arno’s teacher’s referred to the Kundalini energy as “the superhighway of the chakras!”

The techniques taught will focus on restoring your inherent ability for self-healing—enhancing the natural responses of the various systems of the body involved in relaxation, restoration, and vitality.

Arno has over 25 years of experience in the field of personal growth, breathwork, meditation and yoga. He met and studied with many masters, shamans and teachers. From all of these experiences Arno extracted a series of techniques into one beautifull mix: ‘The Pranayama Journey’. It is a 10-stage active meditation—a transformative and self-healing process.

NB: this workshop is not suitable for for pregnant ladies



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