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Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TSY) Classes - March

Met Esther van der Sande

This workshop has taken place already, please visit our Workshop Page for a more recent offering of workshops and trainings.

Evidence-Based Practice, in group settings, meeting every wednesday afternoon.

TSY provides a safe place where people can begin to connect with their bodies, and their breath, in relation to the trauma. Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) is an effective adjunctive, and complimentary treatment for those suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Stoornis (PTSS), complex or developmental trauma. This technique was developed by David Emerson at the Justice of Resource Institute (JRI) in Boston, MA.

Sensitive Techniques

TCTSY participants are invited to notice and feel sensations within their body throughout the practice.  Participants are then encouraged to make choices about what they do and how they move with their body based on what they sense.  This supports participants to investigate what choice feels supportive for them, taking cues from their own individual experience.  There are no physical/hands-on assists provided.

Body-Centered Exploration

TCTSY applies choice and body-centered self-awareness to support a recovery process, a gentle intervention that initiates healing through people regaining a relationship with the present moment and their body.  The language used throughout a yoga session is invitational and encourages curiosity to explore what one might feel in different parts of their body based on the form they are choosing to take. Over time participants begin to experience the effects of taking positive action and making choices.
No previous yoga experience is necessary.
TCTSY is designed specifically for participants already in therapy or be in close contact with your doctor (GP), or health care professional. 

The classes are offered every wednesday, but due to the sensitive nature of the group we ask for a month-long commitment. At the beginning of each calendar month, new participants can join the group. As you register, you are registering for 1 month long classes (4 weekly classes). 

To register for the following month, please use this page.
For more information about these classes, you can contact Esther directly via email.


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