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Women's Circle

Met Sandra (Sunny) Hipeli

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We are happy to open the doors in a more consistent way, offering a sacred space and sharing time to the fact that we are finding a way to live consciously and making a difference in our realities and the world we are in.


With good intentions, we enter the path of Yoga, inner growth, inner reflection, and much more. We find answers, however, it seems that there is always something missing. We are somehow in need of refuge and a healthy ground to reconstruct and re-evaluate our lives.


Women's time has come now - it is women's time NOW. To heal and reconnect with our true wisdom, we need to awake and take responsibility for our deep disappointments, hurts, pains and denials, and allow the healing to take place. This inner healing is the healing of Humanity, we as women need to take the leap NOW, for the benefit of ourselves, our loved ones, our children, and finally heal all of our relations, (and) to give back to humanity what has been lost.


Why do we need sisterhood now?

Women give birth to Life. All that is materialized in the world created by humans, is the creation of women because we allow it consciously and unconsciously. In that way, women are responsible for how the planet earth is affected by our human kingdom. And by that, we have a role. Just like men have their own role. Only we (yes, we do this ourselves) have been neglecting our true role, our true nature. That's why it's women’s time now, to heal what is preventing us from being who we truly are.


When we step into that femininity, we automatically give space for men to do the same. We can start weaving this new reality because we, as women, are so near to true nature: our physical conditions and our moon cycle, remind us constantly that we are open and vulnerable, so we can love infinitely and with no conditions.


Embracing this fact gives us freedom, strength and wisdom! Let's weave a new reality. Together. In sisterhood. Respecting all, loving all, including all men. We are opening the door for that.

What you will learn:

About the Circles

Our intention is to create real sisterhood. A safe community to share, be vulnerable, liberate pain, and awaken the True woman that you are. There will be practices and time for sharing and connecting with other sisters. We are looking forward to sharing and growing together!


4 December

With Sunny - "Create Your Own Safety"

As women, we often feel the need to protect ourselves. This has many good reasons, but sometimes this also creates a lot of tension. In this circle, we will explore what safety means to us, what it does when we don't feel it, and how we can create a safe place for ourselves where we can fully relax into being. We will practice techniques to become aware of and stand for our own safety, so we can offer ourselves the freedom to blossom. Let's come together and create a safe haven of sisterhood in which we can support each other in growing!


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Over Sandra (Sunny) Hipeli

Sandra (Sunny) Hipeli was born in Amsterdam but grew up in Germany, returning to her birth country in 2006. She had been practicing yoga in Amsterdam already for a while when she found Delight Yoga in 2011. And she hasn’t left us since!

A note on Wellbeing - Creating a safe and sacred space

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