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Yin Yang: Dancing Your Systems (4-Week Course)


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Have you ever seen a cat lying in the sun, totally relaxed? And how fast the same animal gets on its feet in no time when the moment asks for it? That is a switch from Yin and Yang energy: from a state of complete relaxation into being ready, alert and in action.


We, as humans, have the same ability and we constantly do it: from subtle changes in conversation to bigger actions, such as running to catch a ball or save a baby from falling. By building awareness of this energy, we can learn to direct it and apply it to daily practice and life.


Our body, mind, and spirit are like a symphony of systems: bones, muscles, fascia, nervous system. You can compare it to a symphony in music: all the different instruments playing together create a genius piece of art. The aim of this course is to create harmony within our systems, helping them to work together, every moment, every day as long as we live.


We adapt and respond to the world around us, and what we call Yin and Yang energy is the result of the systems reacting to different stimuli around and within us. in Yoga asana, different styles, and shapes can help us to access and move between Yin and Yang energies.


Too much of one can cause issues, for example:

  • The effect of too much Yang energy in Astanga Practice:

    You can get injuries from repeating the same misalignment over and over again – for example, without extending consciousness from the base of a soft and stable core through the periphery of hands and feet into the mat during a Chaturanga. From the aspect of the mind, if you bring too much yang (ambition/fire) to the practice or a project it can work against yourself and cause you to get burned out.

  • The effect of too much Yin:

    If you practice a lot of Yin, your ligaments can overextend and muscles can lose their strength. In the emotional mind-body, you may notice that you become so sensitive and perceptive that you feel easily overwhelmed or overstimulated by a "Yang" environment.

    Here it can be helpful to be able to blend the energies and how to preserve and cherish the sensitivity and being able to act fast or be resilient in a fast-paced and hectic environment.


What you will learn:

Dancing Your Systems is a fusion of various body-mind disciplines, such as Body-Mind Centering (BMC), Laban Bartenieff Fundamentals, and Tensegrity.


With the help of the body systems (bones, muscles, fascia, nervous system, organs) and their particular qualities, we will explore:

  • Yielding, reaching, push & pull
  • Rooting – expansion - elongation,
  • Center and Periphery, navel radiation
  • Somatic exploration
  • Gentle contemplative moving to explore and discover as well as dynamic energetic moving to let go and expand. Diving deep within to radiate out!


The reflection and integration practice will include writing and drawing.


Each session will include and encourage verbal sharing between the group at the beginning and end.


Benefits of this course include:

  • Insight into the systems of your body
  • Introduction to the principle of Tensegrity (= Tension & Integrity)
  • How to apply the principle in movement
  • Support to oscillate and balance your yin and yang energy
  • Safe embedding in the same committed group
  • Self-care practices / self-massage
  • Practical ways to integrate the findings on the yoga mat and your daily life

What a Committed Group Offers

A closed group offers the possibility to grow trust together and to explore deeper than in drop-in classes. Sharing our experiences helps us to reflect and ex-change on the process. The themes of the course build on each other, not in a linear way, but they are interconnected. If you step in at a later point, you might miss some pieces of the puzzle.

For Whom

Yoga practitioners who would like to go beyond form and style to discover the sliding scale between Yin and Yang presence and how to apply that into their practice and their lives.

What to Bring

  • A book for journaling and drawing.
  • Two tennis balls for the self-massage part.
  • An open and curious spirit and mind!


In case of a lockdown situation, the course will take place online with sessions through zoom.


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A note on Wellbeing - Creating a safe and sacred space

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