Business yoga

Creëer de juiste omgeving voor jouw werknemers

It is about creating the right environment for employees to blossom as professionals and as human beings.

Our aim is to enable people to be clear minded, efficient, and kind, by integrating meditation and yoga into their work environment. Learn how to meditate will equip people to actualize their full potential for a meaningful work-life, while performing at their highest level.

Especially since our fast, knowledge intensive working cultures require high levels of attention, mental clarity and focus, the rol of the human mind in work-life performance and well-being is fundamental. Without a clear focus we lose our effectiveness, productivity drops and our stress level increases. Luckily we can improve these skills by training the neural network of our brain by meditation.

Not without reason Harvard Business School has stated that meditation and intuition are the two most valuable executive tools for the 21st century.

Our knowledge derives from a combination of Western (neurological, psychological and organizational) scientific findings, and ancient Eastern wisdom that has been successfully passed, developed and tested.

Yoga & Meditation classes

The classes can take place within your company or in one of our yoga studios in Amsterdam or The Hague. Style, intensity, duration and optionally, theme, of the classes are based on your companies needs. Yoga mats can be provided.


We offer workshops for a half-day, 2 times 2-hour session or a 4 times 2-hour session. Possible subjects are meditation & creativity and meditation & stress.

Mindfulness Programs

Our intensive mindfulness programs inspire and support, with sufficient space for reflection and with an emphasis on personal growth. The curriculum incorporates traditional and scientific knowledge about the mind, making it accessible and applicable.

All our programs are guided by one of our charismatic and highly qualified professionals.

If you have any further questions about any of the options, prices or other possibilities, please don’t hesitate to contact us at