Practising with Imbalances

Back Care Workshop

It can be concerning - or even frustrating and limiting - to experience imbalances in the body, especially when pain, discomfort, and restriction are involved. It is also not uncommon that during asana practice, when the body and mind are attempting unfamiliar movements and positions, asymmetries become more apparent.

More importantly, when there is lack of awareness or attention to asymmetrical sensation during practice, these imbalances may progress over time.

Do you also struggle with these questions?

  • Why is twisting to one side less accessible than the other?
  • How to practice when one shoulder / hip is higher or tighter than the other?
  • What is happening when discomfort / pain often presents itself only on one side and the same location?
  • Why is balancing on one leg almost impossible or feel unstable?
  • ‘Why do I feel lopsided?!'

Through open discussion and experiential practices, Adelene will share her journey and experience from practising and living with a structural imbalance, ie. scoliosis. We will understand and learn how to modify and adapt postures, to personalize the practice to support living and being in harmony from moment to moment.

You will leave this workshop with:

  • insights into posture and spinal health, locating and navigating imbalances

  • restful release poses and movements to support mobility

  • knowledge of how to manage and reduce discomfort on and off the mat

  • developed sensory intelligence and acumen

  • modified practices for musculoskeletal imbalances

  • rebuilt confidence in managing and practising with imbalances

  • knowledge of how to re-map healthy daily postures for optimal support

Join Adelene for a day of physical and mental re-calibration. Suitable for those living with scoliosis, physical or structural imbalances, also recommended for trainees and teachers who are interested in practising and teaching from a therapeutic perspective.

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