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Pranayama Teacher Training
with Sri Sudhir Tiwari

A teacher training program following the lineage of Kaivalyadham

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This is a unique opportunity for yoga teachers and dedicated practitioners to experience directly the rich physical and spiritual benefits of traditional pranayamic practices. You will learn how to teach these practices correctly, based on authoritative, traditional and scientific grounds.


This Pranayama Teacher Training course is designed for Delight Yoga following the lineage of Kaivalyadham. It presents nearly 200 hours of practice and instruction in the ancient science of pranayama, taught directly by Sri Sudhir Tiwari in the lineage of Kaivalyadham and his father Sri OP Tiwari.


The program is divided into three parts, where every 3 months for one full week participants meet in Amsterdam to study and practice pranayama under Sudhir’s guidance. The time in between the training weeks is needed to integrate the newly learnt practices and to advance in the studies of the texts. Theoretical and practical exams will take place at the end of week 3. 

Week 1

November 23rd – November 29th 2020

This first part will cover the fundamentals of pranayama in theory and practice. Introduction to traditional texts like Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Gerhanda Samhita as well as to Swami Kuvalyananda - founder of the Kaivalyadham lineage. Asanas and pranayama will be discussed in relation to pranayamic practices. Also an introduction to Ayurveda will be offered.

Week 2

TBD 2021

In this second part, progression will be made in pranayamic practice, and the study of the texts and Ayurveda will be continued. During an introduction to the teaching practice, the students will be exposed to the correct methodology to teach pranayama. Time will also be dedicated to practice teaching and each student will have the opportunity to teach one class under supervision.

Week 3


This third and last part of the training presents the final progression of the first stage of pranayama where the students are ready for retention. We will conclude the study of the texts and refine the methodical teaching of pranayama. Additionally, fundamentals of Yoga Therapy will be introduced. Theoretical and practical exams will take place to receive the Pranayama Teaching Certification.

Homework and assignments will be given at the end of each part of the training for the period in between training weeks, which will need to be submitted prior to the next phase of the training.


At the end of the program, the students will feel confident in their understanding and practice of pranayama, and capable of teaching beginners pranayama classes (without retention) or to integrate elements of pranayama in their current yoga classes.


In preparation of the Pranayama Teacher Training, we highly recommend following this online Foundational Course Pranayama (Pre-Teacher Training)


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